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Is there a drop in replacement for R502?

Is there a drop in replacement for R502?

Mixtures containing R22 are probably the most suitable refrigerants for the drop-in substitution of R502.

What is a direct replacement for R502 refrigerant?

Freon™ 408A (R-408A) refrigerant is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) option designed to replace the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant R-502.

What refrigerant is compatible with R502?

R404A refrigerant is accepted as an alternative to R502 in the new equipment. It can be used also for charging of some systems operating on R502, such as commercial refrigeration equipment of big universal shops, refrigeration facilities of food industry factories, transport refrigeration facilities.

What Suva replacement refrigerant is recommended for retrofitting R502 systems?

Suva® MP66 (R-401B) is available for R-12 systems operating at low evaporator temperatures below –15°F (–26°C) where higher capacity is needed, such as some domestic and commercial freezers and some transport refrigeration equip- ment. MP66 is also the recommended replace- ment for existing R-500 systems.

What is the name of R502 refrigerant?

PRODUCT NAME: R-502 OTHER NAME:. Chlorodifluoromethane, Chloropentafluoroethane USE: Refrigerant Gas DISTRIBUTOR: National Refrigerants, Inc. EMERGENCY OVERVIEW: Colorless, volatile liquid with ethereal and faint sweetish odor.

What is the replacement for R-22?

A few popular R22 alternatives are R410A, R134A, R407C, R407A, MO99, and RS-44b. This type of refrigerant is safe for the environment, affordable, and easy to store, use, and transport.

Is R502 a zeotropic?

A refrigerant may be either a pure compound or a mixture (blend) of two or more refrigerants. Examples of pure refrigerants are R12, R22 and R134a. Examples of mixtures are R502, R404A and R407C.

Is R507 and r507a the same?

R507A is an HFC azeotropic blend with zero ODP. It is an accepted alternative to R-22 and R-502 in low and medium temperature commercial refrigeration systems. It exhibits similar performance to that of R-502 over the operating range….R507.

Items Specification
GWP100 years,CO2=1 3985
Substitutions for refrigerants R502, R22

Can 404a replace R290?

Compressors manufactured by Embraco labelled r290 are exactly the same as their equivalent r404a compressors. So yes, you can empty an r290 system and replace it with r404.

Can I use R134 instead of R290?

You must change the TXV or cappilar as flow is differnt and if only using R290 charge about 10% in weight of R134. If on a stationary aplication you may be better of using a mix of 40% r600 and 60% r290. This is a direct replacement, used on R12 ans it works with R134 too.

Can you top off R22 with 407C?

Mixing R22 with R407C or any other refrigerant. According to the 609 EPA rule, mixing refrigerants is illegal and anybody caught doing so will be heavily fined.

Can I use 407C in a R22 system?

R-407C should be used only in systems that currently use R-22. It should not be mixed with R-22 or any other refrigerant. 5. The capacity of the existing R-22 thermal expansion valve (TEV) will be approximately the same when using R-407C.

Does DuPont still make Freon?

DuPont, the inventor of Freon 22, continues to provide innovative solutions with ISCEON refrigerants, a family of efficient and cost-effective, non-ozone-depleting HFC retrofit refrigerants.

Does DuPont make refrigerant?

DuPont™ Opteon® Refrigerant Delivers Low GWP The most common refrigerant in use is hydrofluorocarbon HFC-134a, which has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1430.