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Is the Kawasaki W800 fuel injected?

Is the Kawasaki W800 fuel injected?

The W800 has an air-cooled, 773 cc (47 cu in) 360° parallel-twin, four-stroke engine, with shaft and bevel gear driven overhead cam. The carburettor-fuelled W650 was discontinued because it could not meet emissions regulations, so the W800 engine is fuel injected. Unlike the W650, the W800 does not have a kickstart.

How much horsepower does the Kawasaki W800 have?

51 HP
Contents. Kawasaki’s 2021 W800 is currently the only offering of a sport heritage motorcycle designed from one of Japan’s big four, Kawasaki. Designed to replicate the look and feel of the 1960’s Kawasaki W1, it uses a 773 cc, SOHC, air cooled parallel-twin that produces 51 HP and 44 lb-ft of torque.

What CC is the Kawasaki W800?

773cc Air-cooled Vertical-twin engine.

How much is Kawasaki W800 in Philippines?

Kawasaki W800 May 2022 prices start from ₱515,000 for base variant Street and goes upto ₱557,000 for top-spec variant Cafe.

Is Kawasaki W800 a good motorcycle?

The W800 is very comfortable to sit on and ride. The seat is low and broad with good support, and the bars and controls are within easy reach without making the rider feel cramped. The engine is smooth, and pulls away from a stop with a very linear power delivery.

How fast is a Kawasaki W800?

In terms of performance, the 800cc cruiser motorcycle can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in around 6.12 seconds. Kawasaki W800 Street top speed is 177 kmph (approximate).

How fast is Kawasaki W800?

Is the Kawasaki W800 good for touring?

It’s not fun to be nervous about any ride on the freeway. 10. If you’re interested in heading to the hinterlands, enjoy the backroads. Rain-grooves aside, the 2020 Kawasaki W800 could be used as a retro weekend touring mount.

Is the Kawasaki W800 fast?

The five-speed motor gets the job done of cruising back roads nicely but it’s not a lot of fun trying to keep up with 80-mph traffic on the 405 freeway in rush hour. Using the W800 as an everyday commuter—unless, of course, you don’t need the freeway—is not the ideal scenario.

How fast does a Kawasaki W800 go?

110 mph
2020 Kawasaki W800 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Curb Weight: 496.1 lb
Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gal
Wheelbase: 57.7 in
Top Speed: 110 mph (est)

Is the Kawasaki W800 Made in Japan?

The Japanese built W800 has some lovely detail touches. I love the fact they’ve stayed with the bevel gear drive cams – they’ve gone to that extra effort. The air-cooled engine is a thing of beauty.

What is the top speed of a Kawasaki W800?

2020 Kawasaki W800 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gal
Wheelbase: 57.7 in
Top Speed: 110 mph (est)

What is the MPG of a Kawasaki W800?

between 55-60mpg
2019 Kawasaki W800 Economy As you’d expect for a lethargic, low revving engine fuel economy is impressive, between 55-60mpg, which gives a realistic tank range of, 180 plus miles.

How good is Kawasaki W800?

Is the W800 worth it?

The W800 is an easy motorcycle to love, unless you ride on rain-grooved freeways daily. We think that’s a fixable problem, and the rest of the package is so spot-on that it is worth a bit of tinkering. Certainly, it requires far fewer modifications than an actual 1960s motorcycle.

Do Kawasaki still make W800?

The W800 has been around for eons, just not in the U.S. It first went on sale in 2011 to 2015, replacing the old W650, but we only got the W800 in 2019 when the current model was created….2021 Kawasaki W800 Specifications.

MSRP: $9,133
Rear tire: 130/80-18 in.
Seat height: 31.1 in.
Wheelbase: 57.7 in.
Rake: 26°

What makes the 2014 Kawasaki W800 Special Edition stand out?

by Sulthoni, on April 2, 2014, 15:17 The Kawasaki W800 Special Edition comes with a special paint job which helps it stand out from the crowd. We especially like how Kawasaki’s engineers have mixed the matt and gloss black surfaces with the black anodized rims and orange details.

What are the dimensions of a Kawasaki W 800 trail?

Make Model Kawasaki W 800 Trail 108 mm / 4.2 in Dimensions Length 2180 mm / 85.8 in Width 790 mm / Wheelbase 1465 mm / 57.6 in Seat Height 790 mm / 31.1 in

What makes the BMW W800 so special?

* Use of many polished components gives the W800 a very high-quality look and feel. * High-quality paint and chrome, together with corrosion-resistant fasteners, ensure that the W800 will retain its good looks for years to come. * Lightweight aluminium rims are highly resistant to corrosion.

What kind of crankshaft does a Ford W800 have?

* Long-stroke 360° crankshaft gives the W800 its signature pulse. * Heavy flywheel contributes to the strong low-mid range torque feel. * Bevel gear cam drive and SOHC 4-valve heads give the W800 a wide spread of responsive power.