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Is the Japanese version of The Grudge scarier?

Is the Japanese version of The Grudge scarier?

As far as the ghosts are concerned, it’s likely a matter of preference when deciding which version is scarier. Both have similar set pieces, including the memorable staircase scene. It can be argued that Ju-On has more emotional heft to its proceedings compared to the Hollywood remake.

Is the grudge 2020 a remake or sequel?

The Grudge 2020 is a soft reboot of the 2004 American film of the same name.

Which Grudge is best?

Here are all The Grudge movies ranked, worst to best.

  • The Grudge 3 (2009) The Grudge 3 was the third American remake in the franchise, but was the first and only to be released direct-to-video.
  • Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (2003)
  • The Grudge (2020)
  • The Grudge 2 (2006)
  • Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)
  • The Grudge (2004)

Is The Grudge the scariest movie ever?

“The Grudge” is quite possibly the most scariest ghost/horror movie I have ever seen. Sarah Michelle Gellar takes on the main role as nurse Karen living and working in Tokyo.

Which Grudge is the best?

Revisiting Ju-On: Ranking 5 Top Films from The Grudge Series

  • Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (Japan 2003)
  • The Grudge (USA, Japan 2004) Can American remakes of international horror hits ever succeed?
  • The Grudge 2 (USA, Japan 2006)
  • Ju-On: The Curse (Japan 2000)
  • Ju-On: The Grudge (Japan 2002)

Are all The Grudge movie connected?

The Grudge 2020 is amongst the most talked-about movies as the audience are excited to know if it is a sequel, prequel or a reboot of the infamous franchise. The Grudge franchise has been interestingly bringing out stories in unique ways. However, this time, the storyline is not connected to the previous movies.

What is the best remake?

The 20 Best Movie Remakes & Reboots Ever Made

  • 3:10 to Yuma. 2007.
  • Batman Begins. 2005.
  • Cape Fear. 1991.
  • Casino Royale. 2006.
  • Dawn of the Dead. 2004.
  • The Departed. 2006.
  • Dredd. 2012.
  • Evil Dead. 2013.

What is the scariest Grudge?

‘The Grudge’ US Movie Franchise, Ranked Worst to Best (Photos)

  1. 1. ” The Grudge 2″ (2006)
  2. 2. ” The Grudge” (2004)
  3. 3. ” The Grudge 3″ (2009)
  4. 4. ” The Grudge” (2020) Nicolas Pesce’s “The Grudge” takes place in the same continuity as the other American films in the series, but this time it’s dreary and dull.

Which Ju-On is the scariest?

The scariest has to be Ju-on: the Grudge 2, but the creepiest Ju-on movies are the first two, Ju-on: the Curse and Ju-on: the Curse 2.

Which is the scariest The Grudge?

Which Juon is the scariest?

Is The Grudge 2019 a remake?

At first announced as a reboot of the 2004 American remake and the original 2002 Japanese horror film Ju-On: The Grudge, the film ended up taking place before and during the events of the 2004 film and its two direct sequels, and is the fourth installment in the American The Grudge film series.

What is the most successful movie remake?

The Lion King
All Time Worldwide Box Office for Remake Movies

Rank Released Movie
1 2019 The Lion King
2 2017 Beauty and the Beast
3 2019 Aladdin
4 2014 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

What is the greatest movie trilogy of all time?

The 15 Greatest Film Trilogies Of All Time Ranked

  1. Star Wars Original Trilogy. Lucasfilm.
  2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. New Line Cinema.
  3. The Godfather Trilogy. Paramount Pictures.
  4. The Dark Knight Trilogy. Warner Bros.
  5. Before Trilogy. Columbia Pictures.
  6. Back to the Future Trilogy.
  7. Evil Dead Trilogy.
  8. The Man With No Name Trilogy.

What grudge is the best?

Which is better the original grudge or its American remake?

– Quora Which is better, the original Japanese version of the Grudge or its American remake? Original version sticks to you than remakes. With unknown faces you are likely to allow the screenplay reveal itself than with a known star you start to guess or predict or you won’t accept the ending. I prefer not to watch remakes.

Is the new grudge movie connected to the others?

The GRUDGE franchise returns to the big screen this Friday, January 3rd, with a new installment from director Nicolas Pesce that is said to tie together all of the previous films in the series.

What is the difference between the Japanese and American version of grudge?

The Grudge: The Differences, Explained The biggest difference between the Japanese and American versions of the story is in the structure of the narrative itself. Takashi Shimizu, who wrote and directed Ju-On, got the opportunity to direct the remake of his own movie.

Which is better Ju-on or The Grudge?

JU-ON: THE GRUDGE and THE GRUDGE are nearly the same movie, just presented in different languages, and each has some merit over the other. JU-ON is darker and features more curse victims, THE GRUDGE moves along at a better pace and is packed with actors I’m a fan of.