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Is state of survival a real game?

Is state of survival a real game?

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–State of Survival, the Android and iOS smash hit zombie-themed strategy game from KingsGroup, celebrated its first anniversary by releasing new, adrenaline-fueled content, hosting community events, and launching its official website.

Is zombie Lane still available?

In late 2011, it was released on the iOS App Store. Players must rebuild their shattered neighbourhoods after their destruction by a zombie apocalypse….

Zombie Lane
Release April 2011
Genre(s) Simulation, RPG

How do you get the Joker SOS?

To obtain Joker Chips, you can buy the Clown Prince Bundle or participate in the Arena of Doom event. After the event, unused Joker Chips will be transformed into equivalent Biocaps. Players will receive one free draw every day. There will be a 24-hour cooldown after using it.

How old do you have to be to play State of Survival?

State of Survival: Zombie War 12+

What was the Zombie game on Facebook?

Dead Zone is one of very few ‘serious’ Facebook zombie games that describes the horrors of surviving a virus outbreak in the most interesting ways. The game’s dark, grungy visuals complement quite well with the grim subject matter.

How do we deal with the laughing infected state of survival?

The laughing infected releases some kind of green gas that gives the victims crazy laughs….4 of these tasks needs to be completed:

  1. Eliminate 5 Laughing Infected.
  2. Finish 3 battles in the Arena of Doom.
  3. Gather resources 3 times.
  4. Perform 10 Alliance Donations.
  5. Train 500 troops.

What are the best heroes in state of survival?

State of Survival best heroes for gathering resources

  • Mike is the best for gathering Food.
  • Rusty is the best for gathering Metal.
  • Chef is the best for gathering Wood. (although he should’ve been in charge of the food with that name)
  • Ghost is the best hero for gathering Gas.

How do you unlock the Joker in State of Survival?

To get your hands on The Joker, players must participate in the special campaign that will put this nefarious villain in situations that call for his outrageousness and maniacal behaviour. Horrifying zombies are blocking your way and The Joker must use his madness to strategize a way out of it.

Does Zombie farm still exist?

After many years, it’s time for our little Zombies to have a well-deserved rest! Beginning Wednesday, May 3rd, the Zombie Farm games will no longer be available on the Apple App Store. Thank you very much for… More all your love and support.

Why did Zombie Farm get taken off the App Store?

On May 3rd 2017 the game was taken off the Apple App Store due to various issues the company never adressed and was unable to fix. Another company had bought up the game with the intention to make as much money as possible off of it, which eventually ended up ruining Zombie Farm’s reputation.

How do you unlock the Joker in state of survival?