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Is Special K better than porridge?

Is Special K better than porridge?

Kelloggs Special K meanwhile is marketed as a healthy breakfast cereal but has 17 times as much sugar as porridge, with half the fibre. A survey by the Irish Independent of the country’s favourite breakfast cereals found that, even among the healthier options, there’s a big variation in nutritional content.

Which is healthier oatmeal or cereal?

Oatmeal, particularly the slow-cooked kind, is generally healthier than Cheerios. Both are made from whole oats, but the difference comes down to processing. Unprocessed whole oats, like those in steel-cut oatmeal, take a while for the body to digest.

Is oats and Kellogg’s same?

Oats is a wonder grain that has more soluble fibre than some grains like Wheat and Rice. Kellogg’s Oats are 100% whole grain and are high in fibre and protein. Whole grain oats provide energy to keep you going. Oats are low in sodium and foods low in sodium may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Is Kellogg’s K good for weight loss?

One study funded by Kellogg’s Co. Ltd showed that participants on the Special K diet lost between 0 and 13 pounds at the end of two weeks. Some people in the study lost up to 10 percent of their body fat, and the average weight loss was around 3.5 pounds.

Does Kellogg’s oats reduce weight?

Rich in healthy carbs and fibre, oats make a perfect breakfast for weight watchers. Whether you eat them raw or cooked, oats make for an ideal weight loss boosting food.

Is Kellogg’s Special K unhealthy?

But experts don’t give it a total thumbs-up: It’s too low in protein, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. It also lacks an exercise component and the kinds of sustainable changes that are the foundation for healthy weight loss plans.

Does Kellogg’s Special K reduce weight?

Can I lose weight With Special K?

But according to the Special K Challenge, you could lose up to 6 pounds in 14 days if you eat cereal or other Special K products for breakfast and lunch, plus a regular dinner. The Special K Challenge promotes quick weight loss through portion control at snacks and two of your daily meals.

Does Kellogg’s Special K help lose weight?

Is Kellogg’s Special K good for diabetes?

Rice-based cereals, such as Kellogg’s Special K, tend to affect blood sugar levels slightly less than Muesli. Special K has a GI rating of 69 and a glycemic load 14. There are numerous varieties of Special K including, Red Berries, Fruit & Yogurt, Multigrain, and Oats & Honey.

Which is better Special K or Kellogg’s cereal?

Special K actually hasless fibrealthough it is labelled as “high in fibre”. The cheap cereal has double the amount of fibre compared to the Special K. Kellogg’s cereal hasless proteinthan the Sainsbury’s one.

Is Kellogg’s oatmeal gluten free?

Kellogg’s Oats is sourced from a facility that Process Wheat and Treenuts and may contain Traces of Gluten and Treenuts.

Is Quaker Oatmeal healthier than Special K cereal?

If you compare Special K Original cereal to Quaker oatmeal, you will quickly see that they don’t differ too much in calories per 100g but the oatmeal is much healthier as it contains more protein, more fibre, no salt and much less carbs. Keep in mind that oatmeal will keep you fuller for longer due to slightly more protein per 100 g and more fibre.

How many calories in Special K vs Corn flakes vs oatmeal?

Special K vs Cornflakes vs Oatmeal – A quick nutritional comparison per 100g Special K Original Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Quaker Instant Oatmeal Calories 375 calories 378 calories 370 calories Total Fat 1.5g 0.9g 7.7g Salt 1g 1.13g 0g Total Carbs 79g 84g 59g