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Is Sonnie Badu married?

Is Sonnie Badu married?

Ann-Marie BaduSonnie Badu / Spouse (m. 2014)

When did Sonnie Badu get married?

August 2014Sonnie Badu / Marry date

Is Sonnie Badu Nigeria?

The British-born Ghanaian gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, is trending after social media doubted the authenticity of his educational certificates from the Trinity International University of Ambassadors.

WHO IS DR Sonnie Badu?

Sonnie Badu is a multiple award-winning gospel singer, songwriter, philanthropist, producer, TV presenter, and author. He is arguably one of the most successful gospel export emerging out of Africa in recent years.

Where is pastor Sonnie Badu from?

Sonnie was born on November 9 in the United Kingdom into a strict Christian family of Prempeh and Julia Agyemang. He grew up in Accra, Ghana as he spent his early years there. His father was a Pastor and this, many believed actually prepared Sonnie for the gospel music ahead.

Who is Shadine Badu?

Some time in December 2019, renowned gospel singer Sonnie Badu showed off his first daughter, Shadine, in a post on social media.

How many kids does Sonnie Badu?

In a report by, a photo of Sonnie Badu flaunting all his four children was published much to the admiration of fans.

Where is Sonnie Badu from?

United KingdomSonnie Badu / Place of birth

Who is Sonnie Badu father?

Agyeman PrempehSonnie Badu / Father

Who is Sonnie Badu’s wife?

One of the things Sonnie Badu is known for is being head over heels in love with his wife. He married Ann-Marie Davis (born March 24) on August 23, 2014 in London, United Kingdom. The Sonnie Badu wedding was a very wonderful occasion attended by many.

What is Africa worships with Sonnie Badu?

Since 2008, he has been hosting Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu, a charity concert that raises awareness of the pressing issues in Africa. For instance, the 2008 concert was dedicated to victims of violence in Kenya.

Is Sonnie Badu an orphanage ambassador?

Speaking of orphanages, Sonnie Badu is the owner and ambassador of several homes for children. In addition to Thy Dwelling Place, an orphanage Badu owned for quite a while, he has recently added the Chosen Children Centre in Darkuman, Accra, Ghana. Sonnie also endorses The Hope Orphanage, Cape Coast Ghana.

Is Dr Badu still married?

Badu is happily married to Lady Annie Badu with 4 beautiful children; Shadine, Imani, Sonnie and Ayanna Badu. What do we do?