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Is Seth from Skillet married?

Is Seth from Skillet married?

He also says that even before joining Skillet he had been a huge Skillet fan. Seth Morrison has been married to Hilary Morrison since 2012.

How old is Seth Morrison from Skillet?

34 years (February 19, 1988)Seth Morrison / Age

Where is Seth Morrison of Skillet from?

Wheelersburg, OHSeth Morrison / Place of birthWheelersburg is a census-designated place in Scioto County, Ohio, United States. It lies along the northern banks of the Ohio River in southern Ohio. Wheelersburg is approximately 7 miles east of Portsmouth and 14 miles west of Ironton. It is in Porter Township. The population was 6,437 at the 2010 census. Wikipedia

What happened to Ben from Skillet?

John Cooper said in the YouTube interview that he enjoyed having Kasica in the band “for his integrity; [Ben’s] someone who wants to be honest about things.” Kasica announced he was leaving Skillet to pursue other interests on February 14, 2011.

Is John Cooper married?

Korey CooperJohn Cooper / Spouse

Is Skillet still popular?

Skillet has sold more than 12 million albums. The band’s past four releases — from “Comatose” in 2006 to “Unleashed” in 2016 — have been certified gold (at a minimum) by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Which members of Skillet are married?

Family runs through almost every aspect of the Christian rock band Skillet. The band’s lead vocalist and bassist, John Cooper, and its guitarist and keyboardist, Korey Cooper, are married. The Coopers take their two children with them on tour.

Does Skillet have any kids?

The couple has been touring with their children – Alexandra, 13, and Xavier, 11 – ever since they were born, making for a much tamer life on the road than most rock bands.

Where did the name Skillet come from?

Each starting band member was already in a separate band, and all decided to start a side project. Since each other band had a different sound and style to it, the side project was said to be like putting all of those styles in a big skillet to come up with something unique. Hence the band name ‘Skillet’.