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Is parking free in Warrington?

Is parking free in Warrington?

The car park is pay and display, you can pay by cash or get the RingGo app for your phone. *A park and display ticket must be obtained even when parking for free.

How much does it cost to park at Warrington West?

Charge Times: 24hrs

1 Day All Week £1.00
2 Days All Week £2.00
3 Days All Week £3.00

Is parking free after 6 in Belfast?

On-street Car Parking On-street charged car parking is free on Sundays and after 6pm Monday – Saturday.

How much is it to park in Warrington?

Off-street parking

Location Operator Price
Warrington Travelodge car park Warrington Borough Council £1.00 / hour
Golden Sq Multi Warrington Borough Council £1.00 / hour
Warrington Central Car Park (Surface) Apcoa (UK) Ltd £3.00 / day
Winwick Street (Apcoa) Warrington Borough Council £1.00 / hour

Is parking free in Warrington on Sunday?

WARRINGTON town centre is getting back to business – and Time Square car park is giving shoppers even more reason to head back into town with free parking on Sundays starting this weekend. The car park will be open every Sunday from 7am to 9pm and will be completely free of charge.

How much is parking at Golden Square Warrington?

Golden Square parking is also free all day on Sundays. At times when parking fees are in place, the tariff starts from £1 for 1 hour of parking, rising to £1.50 for 2 hours, £2.20 for 4 hours, and a maximum of £5.50 for all day parking.

What time does Times Square car park close?

Times Square Car Park is one of the safest car parks in Newcastle: open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with CCTV in operation and 24-hour assistance available via intercom.

What does 30 mins no return within 1 hour mean?

No return within… So there might be signs saying, for example: ‘Two hours – no return within one hour’ – This means you can park in the spot for up to two hours, but you can’t return and park there again within one hour.

What time do traffic wardens finish work NI?

Work Days: Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Times: 7am – 7pm – Total Hours : 36 hours per week – In order to be considered for this role, you must be available to work ongoing weekends and able to commute to the Belfast area. If you’re interested in this role, please select ‘apply now’ below.

Is parking free at Golden Square Warrington?

Parking is free after 4pm on a Thursday and 6pm every other evening.

Why was Golden Square Warrington evacuated?

GOLDEN Square Shopping Centre was evacuated this afternoon after the sprinklers were activated in the former BHS unit. Firefighters were called to the scene today, Tuesday, at 3pm following reports of a suspected fire.

Do you have to pay for parking at Warrington Hospital?

First 30 mins – FREE (please register) Up to 2 Hours – £2.50. Up to 4 Hours – £3.50. Up to 6 Hours – £5.00.

How do you pay for parking at Times Square?

Times Square Car Park is owned and operated by the International Centre for Life. Payment is by card only. Assistance is available via the intercom buttons located on the payment machines in the level 1 reception area and the entry/exit gates.