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Is Orion a good speaker?

Is Orion a good speaker?

The Verdict: Yes I do like these, the guys at Orion have done a really great job with these Component Speakers. They sound amazing at the price point they are at, and would be a great addition for anyone looking for a Quality set of components.

How much does a Orion HCCA 15 weight?

140.8 pounds
Product information

Product Dimensions 21 x 21 x 16 inches
Item Weight 140.8 pounds
Item model number HCCA152SPL
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No

Is Orion Car Audio out of business?

Directed said it has sold the Orion car audio brand to MD Audio Engineering, the U.S. arm of a Latin America supplier that officially makes its market debut in the U.S. with Orion. The Orion brand and product rights were sold for an undisclosed sum.

Are Orion Cobalt Subs good?

This sub is rated at 200watts rms & a sensitivity of 87.2 which is pretty good. This subwoofer is good if you don’t plan on having the loudest system, just a nice enjoyable system in your car that won’t really bother anyone outside of the car. It has Great clear sound & hits pretty hard for only 200watts.

What company owns Orion car audio?

MD Audio Engineering Inc.
MD Audio Engineering Inc. As the new owner of ORION™, One of the best-know, toughest and well respected high performance brands in the car audio world.

Where are Orion speakers made?

Older Orion HCCA model’s are arguably one of the best amps ever made. The problem now with Orion is they were bought out by a company named Directed Electronics, and now all of their equipment is manufactured in china so you dont have the hand made craftsmanship in the new amps like they used to.

Are Orion XTR good subs?

5.0 out of 5 stars They’re pretty decent. Decent subwoofers for the price. Takes a bit to loosen up, but they are handling a Rockford 1200.1d wired at 1 ohm, and seeing up to 1400 watts rms.

How long has Orion audio been around?

(オリオン電機株式会社, Orion Denki Kabushiki-gaisha) was a Japanese consumer electronics company that was established in 1958 in Osaka, Japan. Their devices were branded as “Orion”. The company used to be called Orion Electric, until Brain and Capital Holdings, Inc. (Japanese company) acquired it in 2019.

What happened Orion Electronics?

Orion Sales ceased to exist in 2016, and was sold to Elitelux Technologies.

When was Orion brand founded?

General information. ORION brand was founded at the beginning of the ХХ century in Hungary. The factory of the same name was opened there in 1913(at present this factory is a part of a worldwide famous concern THAKRAL – see also