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Is northern soul and Motown the same?

Is northern soul and Motown the same?

Northern Soul was the music made by hundreds of singers and bands who were copying the Detroit sound of Motown pop. Most of the records were complete failures in their own time and place but in Northern England from the end of the 1960s through to its heyday in the middle 1970s, were exhumed and exalted.”

Is there a film called northern soul?

Northern Soul is a 2014 British historical film directed by Elaine Constantine. It tells the story of two young Lancashire teenagers, Matt and John, whose lives are changed forever by the discovery of African-American soul music and the dance culture that grew up around it in Britain.

Why is northern soul called northern soul?

I devised the name as a shorthand sales term. It was just to say, if you’ve got customers from the north, don’t waste time playing them records currently in the US black chart, just play them what they like – ‘northern soul’.

Who started northern soul?

Origins of Northern soul date back to the late 1960s’ underground rhythm and soul scene. Thousands of teenagers in the North of England danced to the same syncopated beat, revolting against the charts. The music and dance movement combined American soul and Motown music with distinctive dance styles.

Why did northern soul end?

The area of Wigan soon being dubbed the Heart of Soul due to the imprint the Casino made as the pinnacle of Northern Soul all-nighters was shut down in 1981 due to more policing and council issues.

Is there a northern soul radio station?

24-7 Northern Soul | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Where was Northern Soul filmed?

Set in 1974 and shot on location in Blackburn, Burnley, Bury and Bolton, Northern Soul is Elaine Constantine’s directorial film debut and comprises a British cast who share her fond remembrance.

What was the movie northern soul about?

A disc jockey (Joshua Whitehouse) introduces his new friend (Elliot James Langridge) to Northern soul, a combination of American soul and distinctive dance styles that takes the United Kingdom by storm in the 1970s.Northern Soul / Film synopsis

What is the rarest northern soul record?

The London Records pressing of the Darrell Banks 45 ‘Open The Door To Your Heart’/’Our Love’ is thought to be the only copy left of the original run, the rest of which were destroyed when rival EMI won the rights to release the single in 1966.

Is Wigan Casino still there?

On December 6th. 1981 the local Council closed the Wigan Casino. A few months later, in a freak accident, the Casino caught fire and was razed to the ground. Twenty five years later, the Casino is seen as the root of Northern Soul.

Does Northern Soul still exist?

Half a century after music journalist and record store owner Dave Godin coined the term ‘Northern Soul’, the subculture is still very much alive.

Where was the film Northern Soul filmed?

Is there a Northern Soul radio station?

What do you wear to a Northern Soul night?

The men wear brogues, baggy trousers, vests and Fred Perrys, while the women are in wide skirts and flat shoes.

How did Northern Soul dancing start?

The northern soul scene blossomed in the 1970s, when DJs would hunt down rare black American soul 45s and bring them back to play in venues across the north-west of England. The music – inspired heavily by the Motown sound, with fast tempos and a simple 4-4 beat – was a dancer’s dream.

What was the last record played at Wigan Casino?

The last record ever played at the Wigan Casino allnighters – chosen entirely at random by Russ Winstanley – was Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You (Indeed I Do). Wilson’s classic song is referenced in both the music and lyrics of ‘Stand Up Now’.

Why did Northern Soul end?