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Is Northern Italy worth visiting?

Is Northern Italy worth visiting?

Is Northern Italy worth visiting? Absolutely! Northern Italy is a place to overindulge you with beautiful destinations and diverse unforgettable experiences. It is stunningly scenic, from romantic coastal towns to spectacular snowy peaks!

How many days do you need in Northern Italy?

Ideally, a robust northern Italy itinerary falls somewhere between 10 and 14 days. If you have longer, great! You can go more off-the-beaten-path and deep dive into the culture, taking the slow travel route.

What is Northern Italy famous for?

Northern Italy is known for its picturesque locations and rich history. It has coastal regions and an impressive mountainous region. It is known for the dramatic and impressive landscapes of the Adriatic Sea and the Alps.

Where can I base myself in northern Italy?

Planning a Trip Through Northern Italy: Days, Weeks, and Beyond. Your journey is never done when you’re traveling through Northern Italy, but in just four or five days, you can base yourself in Milan and see some of its surrounding highlights, including Lake Como and Lake Garda, Turin, and Bologna.

Is Lake Maggiore better than Lake Como?

Lake Como might be the better known of the two — and the lake adored by celebrities such as George Clooney and Ed Sheeran — but, actually, we think Lake Maggiore more than holds it own against its more famous counterpart. Head out into the lake to find Isola Bella, Isola dei Pescatori and Castelli di Cannero.

When should I visit northern Italy?

The best months to visit northern Italy are the months between April and September, months characterized by warmer weather and long days of light. The months of July and August are sometimes very hot, but great for beach holidays.

When should I visit Northern Italy?

When to Go in Northern Italy

  • In a general sense, April to June and September and October are the most pleasant months for touring Italy — temperatures are usually mild and the hordes of tourists not so intense.
  • August (with July a close runner-up) is the worst month to visit any Italian city.