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Is Lewiston Maine a good city?

Is Lewiston Maine a good city?

Lewiston, Maine Named 5th Safest City In The United States.

What are the twin cities in Maine?

The Twin Cities or “L/A,” as Lewiston and Auburn are called by locals, are north of Portland, Maine in the Maine Lakes and Mountains region. They are split by the Androscoggin River and its Great Falls and you can walk along the river between the two towns on the Auburn Riverwalk.

Why is Lewiston Maine called the Dirty Lew?

Lewiston holds the reputation of having always been a hotbed of crime. This however is not the case. Frequently referred to as the “Dirty Lew,” the city has a tainted public image that has failed to change despite dramatic statistical improvement.

What is the crime rate in Lewiston Maine?

Lewiston Annual Crimes

Violent Total
Number of Crimes 97 736
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 2.61 19.83

Is Lewiston Maine a big city?

3. The Second Largest City in Maine – Lewiston. Lewiston is the second biggest city in the state of Maine. This city is located in Androscoggin County in the southwest part of the state.

What is the name of the hospital in Lewiston Maine?

Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC) | Lewiston, ME | Central Maine Healthcare.

Who runs Lewiston Maine?

Mayor Carl Sheline

Lewiston, Maine
• Type City Council
• Mayor Carl Sheline
• Total 35.54 sq mi (92.03 km2)

Is Lewiston Maine Urban?

Population in 2019: 36,225 (93% urban, 7% rural).

What is the most violent city in Maine?

With its population of just under 19,000 residents, Augusta had a total of 1,206 property crimes in 2013, giving it the most per person in the state. This, plus its 68 violent crimes (including one murder, 25 rapes, 16 robberies, and 26 assaults) gave Augusta the highest number of crimes per person in the state.

What trauma level is Central Maine Medical Center?

Central Maine Medical Center
Emergency department Level II trauma center
Beds 250

How many beds does St Mary’s Hospital Lewiston Maine have?

233St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center: Emergency Room / Number of beds