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Is Kerrigan black?

Is Kerrigan black?

Given the sci-fi nature of the setting, ethnicity means nothing. But if you look at the recent commercial for StarCraft II, it’s abundantly clear that Kerrigan is a green-eyed, red-haired woman with an Irish surname. She looks more black in the SC1 icon than in the SC2 concept art.

How old is Sarah Kerrigan?

Kerrigan first appears in StarCraft as a twenty-six-year-old Terran Ghost, a psychic trained both physically and mentally as an expert espionage agent and assassin.

What did Kerrigan do to mengsk?

Kerrigan learned she had murdered Angus Mengsk from Arcturus, who in turn stated that he had forgiven her. Kerrigan became a trusted and willing member of the Sons of Korhal, but was betrayed by Arcturus at New Gettysburg.

Will there be StarCraft 3?

By all accounts, Starcraft 3 is neither in development nor planned for development. Much of the crew responsible for the previous game has left to form another studio. Of course, Blizzard still owns the IP, so we can’t say Starcraft 3 will never happen.

Is Dehaka a Zerg?

Dehaka is a primal zerg pack leader from Zerus. He was among the last of the primal zerg pack leaders.

What is StarCraft Queen of blades?

Do you like this video? StarCraft: Queen of Blades is a StarCraft novel written by Aaron Rosenberg and authorized by Blizzard Entertainment. It is available as a softcover and ebook.

How many Suns does char have in StarCraft Queen of blades?

StarCraft: Queen of Blades has deviated from the StarCraft storyline on multiple occasions. Char was described as being in a system with one visible sun, but both suns are visible in the between-levels artwork; the two suns are also discussed in StarCraft Maps of the Month.

Will there be a sequel to Queen of blades?

A sequel to Queen of Blades, known as StarCraft: Heir of Adun has been proposed, covering Tassadar and Aiur history after the Invasion of Aiur. Blizzard has an outline, but as of February 2009 was unsure who the author would be.

Who is the Zerg Queen of blades?

Before him stands a creature of depthless malice and vengeance… Sarah Kerrigan: the Zerg Queen of Blades. The prologue began with the Battle of New Gettysburg on a space platform over Tarsonis, where protoss, Sons of Korhal and zerg forces clashed.