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Is Kabuto a villain or hero?

Is Kabuto a villain or hero?

Kabuto Yakushi is a villain-turned-anti-hero in the Naruto franchise. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Part I and a major antagonist in Part II. For most of his life, he worked as a spy working for many different individuals, organizations, and countries during his life.

Who has Naruto lost to?

The First 10 Fights Naruto Lost (In Chronological Order)

  1. 1 Madara Overpowered Him & Stole Kurama.
  2. 2 He Lost To Pain After Eliminating Five Of His Other Bodies.
  3. 3 Sasuke Overpowering Him At Orochimaru’s Hideout.
  4. 4 Sasuke Was Victorious During The Fist Fight At Final Valley.
  5. 5 Kimimaro Was Too Skilled For Him.

Who is the evilest Naruto character?

Kaguya ÅŒtsutsuki Because of her ancient nature, Kaguya is very powerful, too, able to enact her wicked plots with little resistance, establishing her as the most evil villain in Naruto history.

Who would win Naruto or Pain?

Pain. Undoubtedly one of the most intense and exciting fights in Naruto, the ending of the fight is also one of the most potent uses of “Talk-No-Jutsu” during the show. Naruto fairly earned his victory against Pain, but then went on a search to find the real Rinnegan bearer, Nagato of the Hidden Rain Village.

Which Naruto characters can beat Sage Mode Kabuto?

Tayuya (not Kayuya)

  • Sakon and Ukon
  • Kidomaru
  • Jirobo
  • Jugo
  • Kimimaro
  • How do you beat Kabuto in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2?

    stay standing on the boat for 5 counts. Outer Tanzaku gai (with the snake) attack the snake 5 times. Sand place (with the tornado) destroy 5 of the stuff that’s whirling in the tornado. Snow stage…

    What episodes do Naruto and Tsunade vs Orichimaru and Kabuto?

    Naruto, Jiraiya and Tsunade Vs Orochimaru and Kabuto Full Fight English Sub HD and stay here 🙂…

    Is Sasuke or Naruto a better Ninja?

    Naruto embodied the ninja way—and coupled with his overwhelming strength—surpassed Sasuke on more than one occasion. Early on in Naruto, Sasuke’s natural talent was too much for Naruto and the hot-headed ninja struggled to keep pace. This power gap increased further once Sasuke learned Chidori from Kakashi.