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Is it storming in Gulf Shores?

Is it storming in Gulf Shores?

A t-storm around in the p.m.

What’s the water temperature in Gulf Shores Alabama?

73°F. Today water temperature in Gulf Shores is 73.4°F.

What are the winds at Fort Morgan Alabama?

Fort Morgan, AL Weather Forecast and Current Conditions

Day Sky Wind
7pm Sunny WNW 9 mph
8pm Clear WNW 8 mph
9pm Clear NW 8 mph
10pm Clear NNW 9 mph

What is the 14 day weather forecast for Gulf Shores Alabama?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA

Conditions Precipitation
Day Temperature Chance
Tue Jun 14 87 / 78 °F 41%
Wed Jun 15 88 / 78 °F 41%
Thu Jun 16 88 / 77 °F 5%

Does it rain everyday in Gulf Shores?

*IT RAINS JUST ABOUT EVERY DAY IN SUMMER: The combination of a moist airmass and the intense daytime heating process usually leads to “scattered, afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms”. These are rather random in nature, don’t move very quickly, and are very much hit and miss.

What is the weather in the Gulf?

Partly cloudy Tuesday, temperatures as high as 91°F, low temperature around 78°F, wind out of the ESE 12 mph. Barometric pressure 29.85 in, visibility 6 mi, humidity 72%, uv index 7.

How cold does it get in Fort Morgan Alabama?

Average Temperature in Fort Morgan The cold season lasts for 3.1 months, from November 21 to February 25, with an average daily high temperature below 51°F. The coldest month of the year in Fort Morgan is December, with an average low of 19°F and high of 43°F.

Does it rain a lot in Fort Morgan Alabama?

There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Fort Morgan. Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall. This location is classified as Cfa by Köppen and Geiger. In Fort Morgan, the average annual temperature is 11.2 °C | 52.1 °F.

How cold is the Gulf right now?

The water temperature right now is at least 76°F and at most 85°F.

What is the cheapest month to go to Gulf Shores Alabama?

For the absolute best money-saving summer prices, the best time to visit Gulf Shores or Orange beach is: Early June, after the Memorial Day holiday. Before or after the big Fourth of July holiday weekend. Practically anytime in August, usually after the first week of the month.