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Is IceBear a Chinese brand?

Is IceBear a Chinese brand?

Our factory is located in China and our product development center is in Japan. Icebear offers its unique product lines such as Trikes, street bikes. All of our trikes products are US patented or patent pending.

Who makes IceBear?

IceBear is a worldwide entity with a headquarters in California, a branch in Georgia, a factory in China, and a research and development sector in Japan. Choose from 50cc and 150cc IceBear scooters here.

Who makes IceBear trike?

Description. Get your IceBear 150cc Maddog Trike Scooter Motorcycle from Birdy’s Scooters and ATVs while it’s hot!

How fast does a 300cc trike go?

55 mph
A 300cc is the largest motor size that Killer Motorsports offers for a trike. These trikes are capable of hitting speeds of 55 mph. That makes it possible to operate on lower speed highways.

Are Ice Bear scooters reliable?

very cheap Chinese 50 cc engine and very slow. I upgraded everything on the engine including a big bore kit to give it more power… still very slow and unreliable… I broke down 4 times in one month…last repair cost me $400 parts and labor. I no longer trust this scooter and would not recommend it to anyone.

How fast does a 150cc trike go?

This vehicle has a top speed of 60mph. 3 wheel frame body, equipped with a GY6 150cc air cooled engine, belt drive, Front and Rear disc brake and comfortable seating, Fully Automatic transmission with Backup Pull Start. With a 85 MPG capability, you might go a weeks without filling up.

Is ice bear a good scooter?

How many miles is a lot for a scooter?

Re: Whats number is considered high mileage on a moped? Most 2 stroke mopeds will go 2 thousand miles without problems in most cases. Try to get one below 2 if possible. Now, if you are looking for a 4 stroke, they will run forever without problems as long as you change the oil often, like in a Lazer 4 for example.

Are Icebear scooters reliable?

How fast is a icebear scooter?

Its powerful 150cc GY6 Engine provides enough power to cruise you along at a top speed of 55+ mph as well as power you up steep hills. It features an electric start as well as a kick start.

How fast can 600cc go?

What is the speed of an engine of 600cc be? A 600cc is a strong motorcycle that is able to reach 130mph as the maximum speed (210 kilometers/hour). The speed of the top speed can differ according to the type of road and the specifications of the motorcycle.