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Is Herschel good for laptop?

Is Herschel good for laptop?

The Herschel Heritage is the Herschel backpack for people who like to travel a bit lighter and don’t want extra bulk getting in the way. It isn’t overburdened with extra padding on the back panel or on laptop sleeve. But it’s still large enough to fit your laptop, drink bottle, lunch and a sweater.

Is the Herschel Little America waterproof?

Is it waterproof? No, it is not actually waterproof, but the Herschel website describes it as “water resistant.”

How big is the Little America backpack?

Magnetic Closures

Little America Backpack Dawson Backpack
Water Bottle Pocket
Closure Drawstring / Magnetic Buckle Drawstring / Magnetic Buckle
Volume 25L 20.5L
Dimensions 19.25″(H) x 11.25″(W) x 7″(D) 15.75″(H) x 11.25″(W) x 6″(D)

How big is 17L Herschel?

Use it for your commute, the school week, a business trip, or a weekend adventure. 17L CAPACITY: 16” high and 10.75” wide. From your passport to your heavy textbooks, there’s plenty of space to fit everything you need for school, work or travel.

Which bag brand is best for laptop?

List Of 15 Best Laptop Bag Brands In India

  • HP.
  • American Tourister.
  • Lenovo.
  • Hidesign.
  • Dell.
  • Wildcraft.
  • AirCase.
  • F Gear.

Why are Herschel backpacks so popular?

So just in case, you forget, here’s a quick sum-up of why Herschel took over the backpack market: Consistency in the quality of their products with flagship designs. Keeping the elusive factor by avoiding tacky mass-marketing. Leveraging on social media to continue up-ing their elusiveness and exclusivity.

Does Hershel have a lifetime warranty?

We stand behind the quality of our bags and accessories with a Limited Lifetime Warranty — our guarantee that every Herschel Supply item is free of material and manufacturing defects.

Can Little America Mid Volume fit 15 laptops?

The mid-size is best with a 13-inch laptop but a 15-inch will still fit in the sleeve nicely, with about an inch exposed at the top.

How many liters is Herschel Little America?

The generous 23.5-litre volume of this backpack makes it quite big and tall. If you’re a bit shorter, you might find that the 17-litre Mid-Volume Herschel Little America backpack is more suitable.

Which brand laptop backpack is best?

Here are the best laptop bags

  • Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart Mini/Slim Version Laptop Backpack.
  • Timbuk2 Spire.
  • Solo Duane Laptop/Briefcase Hybrid.
  • Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack.
  • eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack.
  • AmazonBasics Shoulder Bag Carrying Case.
  • Samsonite Gridlok Backpack.
  • HP Envy Urban Backpack.

Do Herschel backpacks have a laptop sleeve?

The original backpack. Designed for everyday, the Herschel Classic™ XL offers water bottle pockets, a laptop sleeve and extra storage to fit all your daily essentials.

How long does Herschel last?

The Luggage and Apparel Limited Warranty is valid for 5 years, beginning on the date of purchase from an authorized Herschel Supply retailer.

How do I claim my Herschel warranty?


  1. Take photographs of the defect, the front and back of the product and the striped inside lining.
  2. Submit the photos and acceptable proof of purchase to [email protected] or through our online form, with Warranty in the subject line.

How big is a Herschel mid volume?


Key Features
Dimensions 11″(H) x 8.75″(W) x 4.25″(D) Dimensions 16.25″(H) x 10.5″(W) x 4.5″(D) Dimensions 18″(H) x 12.25″(W) x 5.5″(D)
Volume 7L Volume 14.5L Volume 21.5L
Weight 0.66 lbs / 0.3 kg Weight 1.17 lbs / 0.53 kg Weight 1.72 lbs / 0.78 kg