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Is Gaia Online shutting down?

Is Gaia Online shutting down?

Gaia isn’t shutting down. We’re in the progress of a server migration which is taking longer than we anticipated. 🙁 Please bare with us while this is under way.

Is Gaia Online still a thing 2021?

Is Gaia Online Dead? No, Gaia Online is not dead and can still be played. As of the time of writing, a few thousand players are playing the game at any moment. Unfortunately, the game’s hyperinflation, as well as waning interest in online virtual worlds, led to a significant decrease in player interest.

Who is the founder of Gaia Online?

Derek Liu Long Vo
Gaia Online

Type Private
Founders Derek Liu Long Vo Josh Gainsbrugh
Headquarters San Jose, California , U.S.
Key people James Cao (CEO) Derek Liu (CTO)
Number of employees 25

Is Gaia Online Free?

Gaia Gold/Platinum Marketplace: Gaia Online is free to join, and members earn free Gaia Gold/Platinum for everything they do on the site- posting, playing games, or just hanging out. Members can buy thousands of items in our virtual stores, or they can set up their own shops.

How much does Gaia Online cost?

The cost of a Gaia Yoga and Meditation Online subscription is $11.99 a month. But if you pick the annual plan, it’ll only cost you $8.25 a month (a 31% saving).

Is Gaia Online an MMO?

For those who don’t remember, zOMG was Gaia’s browser based MMORPG add on. It was first released back in November 2008 and had monsters to battle, RPG style quests, and a unique progression system involving rings.

How many active users does Gaia Online have?

300,000 active users
Gaia Online was founded in 2003, and has over 300,000 active users daily.

When did Gaia Online start?

February 18, 2003
Gaia Online (formerly known as Go-Gaia) is an online forum and games site founded on February 18, 2003 by Derek Liu (Gaia username: Lanzer), Josh Gainsbrugh (username: L0cke), Long Vo: (username VO) Rosann Yip (username: Ling) and a team of their friends, Studio XD artists, and programmers/web designers.

How many users does Gaia Online have?

Gaia Online was founded in 2003, and has over 300,000 active users daily.

Does Gaia Online have an app?

Gaia has a new mobile app! Go Gaia provides a new forum and dress up experience on your mobile device. Start your free download now!

How many players are in Gaiaonline?

Is Gaia a game?

Gaïa is a 2-5 player game in which you create a world, instill life in it, build cities, try to satisfy their needs, and use godly powers to shape the world to your benefit.

How can I get Gaia for free?

Free Trials on Gaia – FAQ

  1. offers a free trial to all new members.
  2. We require payment details upfront, but you won’t be charged until the end of your trial period.
  3. As a Gaia subscriber, you’ll be able to stream your favorite content using any one of our supported devices.

Does Gaia cost money?

Gaia Pricing Overview Gaia pricing starts at $9.00 per user, per month. There is a free version. Gaia offers a free trial.

Is Gaia Online for Kids?

Gaia is open to anyone 13 years of age and older.

Should I get Gaia?

From road to trail, Gaia has proven to be impressive. The GPS accuracy, amount of live data, layers, detailed maps, and customizable features put it in a league of its own. I find the satellite feature is a much needed tool when navigating back roads while the topo map makes it an exceptional field guide.

What is the history of Gaia Online?

View about wiki What is Gaia Online? Gaia Online, formerly known as Go-Gaia, is a website that was founded February 18, 2003 by group of anime and MMO fans who talked about creating a website based on their hobbies and interest.

What is the gaiapedia?

Also known as the Gaiapedia, this wiki is an attempt to archive Gaia Online’s vast history. The Gaiapedia is always in need of help. If you know a good deal about Gaia Online or just keep up to date with current events then see how you can help at the new Community Portal .

What are the different arenas on Gaia Online?

There are four main arenas on Gaia Online: Housing, Art, Avatar, and Writing – with some of these arenas having subcategories. Members can vote in the arenas and comment on art, avatars, houses, or written works that have been submitted by other users. Entering the Avatar Arena costs 10,000 Gold and rewards up to 150,000 gold for winners.