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Is Creed green Irish Tweed worth it?

Is Creed green Irish Tweed worth it?

Green Irish Tweed was always a very well-rounded fragrance and in my opinion, there’s no need to waste precious liquid when you can get optimal performance and 10 hours longevity with just 2-3 sprays. But feel free to test it – it’s always the best to test out and figure out what works for you best!

Is Green Irish Tweed a summer or winter fragrance?

You can wear Aventus in spring and summer. But the Green Irish Tweed is much more a spring perfume. Also, you can wear Aventus in the scorching heat and early winter. You can wear it in versatile places too.

Does Creed Green Irish Tweed smell like cool water?

Cool Water is a Calone-stuffed thing that is perceived as a dated cliche, and Green Irish Tweed is a well-made but conservative thing that smells like a posher Cool Water. Help. Katie, “Cool Water versus Green Irish Tweed” is a constant source of discussion on Basenotes.

Who wears Creed Green Irish Tweed?

Afterward, it found its way into the collections of many showbiz ladies like Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, but also Queen Elizabeth and Jackie Kennedy. Spring Flower – is one of Julia Roberts’ favorite perfumes. The perfume itself was made for timeless Audrie Hepburn.

Is Green Irish Tweed A Fougere?

Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a classic Fougere fragrance. One of the signature scents of the house of Creed, this “walk through the Irish countrywide” is a favorite of many celebrities. The fragrance is rich, fresh, sporty and unforgettable. Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena.

What Cologne did Cary Grant wear?

Acqua Di Parma During the 1950s, the Italian perfume house from the town of the same name could count on silver screen legends Cary Grant and Gregory Peck as devotees. Both wore the signature Acqua di Parma Colonia, the very first scent it bottled which later became the definitive fragrance of Hollywood’s golden age.

What kind of cologne does Gordon Ramsay wear?

During Gordon Ramsey’s interactions with various people on the television, we’ve seen him bag compliments about his great choice of cologne. Well, that’s no surprise when one of his favorite cologne is London’s signature and most popular scent- Le Labo’s Santal 33.