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Is Corsa and Volant the same company?

Is Corsa and Volant the same company?

TMG Performance Products LLC, the Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturer of CORSA Performance Exhausts, has acquired Volant Performance, a Southern California-based manufacturer of performance cool air intakes for cars, trucks and SUVs.

Where is Volant Performance located?

Cleveland, OH
TMG Performance Products, based just outside of Cleveland, OH, is proud to design, manufacture and assemble countless products for the passionate enthusiasts in the automotive aftermarket.

Who owns TMG Performance Products?

The Mifsud Group
TMG Performance Products, a division of The Mifsud Group in Wadsworth, Ohio, acquired the assets of JB Design Inc., Corsa Performance Exhausts, in January.

Which is better dry or oiled cold air intake?

Generally, high-performance dry filters can catch up to 99% of the incoming contaminants due to the smaller micron size of the filter media, while oiled filters catch about 98% of what passes through – a minute difference, but a difference none-the-less.

Who owns Corsa performance?

Where is Corsa exhaust made?

CORSA is one of the largest automotive and high-end marine exhaust tuning companies in the USA with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Ohio.

Are intakes worth it?

More oxygen means more power from your engine, so improved airflow is an excellent way to increase the performance of your vehicle. This is where a cold air intake system is extremely effective; improved airflow. This inexpensive mod can be exceptionally useful if paired with other vehicle enhancements.

What happens if you over oil your air filter?

Yes, you can over-oil a cotton/gauze type filter. Usually what happens from this is that the filter oil will foul the MAF sensor.

Can K&N filter damage MAF?

We are aware of the “urban myth” created by a few dealerships that a vehicle’s MAF sensor can be contaminated by K&N filter oil. No evidence has ever been provided to support this “myth” and years of diagnostic testing by K&N has shown that not only is this allegation not real, it is not even possible.

Who makes Corsa exhaust?

TMG Performance Products

What is Volante racing?

We are Volante Racing! A virtual racing team competing in online competitions on car racing simulators all around the globe! We believe this type of esports called “simracing” is going to take the world by storm and we want you to be there for the ride!

Does Volant make cold air intakes?

Volant Cold Air Intakes & More Products. Volant proves that not all air intakes are created equal. Volant continually develops new and innovative ways to deliver the cold, power-building air your engine demands. Its sealed CAIs keep incoming airflow cooler than traditional open element style systems.

What is a virtual race track?

Basically gamers/drivers from all over the world can drive against each other on a virtual race track from their own home. You don’t need a lot to get up and running.