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Is beat the parents a fun game?

Is beat the parents a fun game?

Beat the Parents is a really fun game. We enjoyed how it had questions that were geared specifically for the kids and questions geared to the adults/parents. The challenges were fun to do.

What are the instructions for Beat the parents?

Kids go first. The parents draw a question card and read out the first kids’ question. If the kids answer correctly, they move forward one space and the parents ask the next question from the card. If they do not answer correctly, they do not move ahead and their turn is over.

How do you play beat the parents ask me anything?

Beat the Parents Ask Me Anything is the fun way for families to find out! Parents ask kids a question about themselves, and then guess what the kids’ response will be. Then the tables turn as kids ask their parents a question.

When was beat the parents made?

Beat the Parents Fan Site

Rating: 4.3 Passable
Year: 2004
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 30 minutes
Age: 8+

How many players in Beat the parents?

For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Includes 200 trivia and challenge cards, 1 gameboard, 1 sand timer, 2 player movers, 1 dry erase marker with clip, 1 wager board with stand, and instructions.

How many people can play beat the parents?

Beat The Parents is for 2 or more players, ages 6 and up. No batteries required.

How many players for beat the parents?

How many players is beat the parents?

For 2 to 6 players, ages 6 and up.

Who is the parent game?

The Parent Game is an American game show that ran in syndication from 1972–1973. The show was hosted by Clark Race, a Los Angeles radio personality, with Johnny Jacobs as the announcer (although Charlie O’Donnell handled these duties on the first two episodes).

When did beat the parents come out?

Beat the Parents (2004)

Is beat that for kids?

Perfect For Kids and Adults Beat That! will get your family up and moving with 160 minute-to-win-it style challenges. This game encourages self-confidence, motor skills, coordination, teamwork and dexterity all while having fun!

Is Beat that a good game?

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesomely Fun! If you are looking for a fun interactive game with a group of people this is definitely worth buying. It comes with pretty much everything you need to play. You might need a couple of things laying around the house.

What year was beat the parents made?

Who made beat that game?

Gutter Games
A brainchild of Gutter Games, Beat That! offers 160 funny silly challenges for you to complete to win.