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Is Band 3.5 MUET good?

Is Band 3.5 MUET good?

The schedule for MUET (SESI 2) is as follows: Speaking Test – 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17 November 2021….Malaysian University English Test (MUET) – Examination in October 2021.

Aggregated Score Band User
294-330 5.0 PROFICIENT
258-293 4.5 INDEPENDENT
211-257 4.0 INDEPENDENT
164-210 3.5 INDEPENDENT

Can we take MUET online?

MUET registration is online. Candidates can surf MEC’s portal or to know the process and method to register for MUET.

What is the highest score for MUET?

Starting from MUET 2021, the maximum scores for each component are 90, makes an aggregated score of 360. The scores are graded in nine bands, including half bands, with Band 5+ being the highest while Band 1.0 the lowest.

Is MUET difficult?

It will not be difficult if you prepare yourself in advance by doing a lot of practice. Some of you might do well for reading, listening, and writing, but get stuck at speaking.

How long does it take to get MUET Result?

10 weeks
Your MUET result will usually be available 10 weeks after you complete your MUET test. You will receive a result slip indicating the scores for all four component tests respectively, your overall score and which MUET Band you achieved. You can also check your result online from MEC’s website or by SMS.

How do I check my MUET score?

✓ Where can I check the MUET Result? Candidates can check the MUET results online from MEC’s portal and by SMS by typing MUET RESULT and send to 15888.

How do you get a Band 6 in MUET?

How to score MUET band 6

  1. Reading. If you are ambitious and hope to achieve the highest band, then you need to start doing a lot of reading.
  2. Listening. This is the one time you can feel less guilty about watching the TV and blasting your radio while trying to study.
  3. Speaking.
  4. Writing.
  5. Additional tips.

What is C1 in MUET?

CEFR B1:Upper-Intermediate,PET, MUET Band 4, IELTS 4.5, TOEFL 53. CEFR B2:Pre-Advanced, FCE, MUET Band 4.5, IELTS 5.S5, TOEFL 65. CEFR C1:Advanced, CAE, MUET Band 5, IELTS 7, TOEFL 94.

How is the MUET Band 4 scored?

Band 4 (score of 180-219): Competent user – ‘Satisfactory command of the language. Satisfactory expressive and fluent, appropriate language but with occasional inaccuracies. Satisfactory understanding of language and contexts. Functions satisfactorily in the language.

What is B2 in MUET?

CEFR B2. MUET score: 195 – 223(Band 4.5)

How is MUET Speaking scored?

Here are 7 Tips to Score in MUET Speaking :

  1. Expand Your Thematic Vocabulary. Thematic vocabulary refers to words relevant to a particular theme.
  2. Use Relevant Points.
  3. Deliver Message Clearly.
  4. Your Face and Body Matter Too!

How do you score good in MUET writing?

How to Score Better in MUET

  1. Know the Format and the Structure of the Test. To prepare better, it is crucial to know the format as well as the structure of the test.
  2. Improve on Grammar.
  3. Speak in English.
  4. Decide on the Course of Action.
  5. Cope with Anxiety.
  6. What to Do on the Exam Day?