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Is Astro A Malaysian company?

Is Astro A Malaysian company?

Astro Malaysia Holdings (MYX: 6399) is a Malaysian media and entertainment holding company that began as a paid digital satellite radio and television service, Astro. The company is owned by Astro Holdings Sendirian Berhad, which also owns Astro Overseas Limited.

How do I contact Astro?

Call Us

  1. General line: 03 – 9543 3838.
  2. IPTV Customer Service: 03 – 9543 1543.
  3. NJOI Customer Service: 03 – 9543 8100.

Can Astro subscribe online?

On your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can now access and explore a variety of Astro programmes. Download, link your Astro account and start streaming now!

How can I check my Astro bill?

Tap on the ‘Account’ tab on the navigation bar and scroll to ‘Billing’ section. Tap on ‘Bill Statement’ to view any bill statement up to six (6) months.

How do I cancel my Astro service?

  1. Need assistance?
  2. Option 1: Get in touch with an Astro Representative at +603 9543 3838 and click on option “4” when you hear ‘Account Disconnection’ over the call.
  3. ‍Option 2: Visit our Customer Service Centres with required documents.

What is Astro basic package?

The Primary Pack is the new base package for Astro which covers 90+ channels and inclusive of Ulti Box as well as access to Astro Go, and 200 hours of cloud storage. Depending on the contract duration that you choose, the price for this package can be as low as RM59.

How can I change my Astro package online?

Yes, you can go to ‘Account’ and scroll to ‘Subscription’ and select TV pack.

What happen if not pay Astro bill?

If Astro does not receive your payment by the stated due date, your service may be disrupted as our system will automatically suspend your account. If you then wish to reconnect your subscription account, a charge of RM20. 00 (inclusive of 0% SST) will be imposed upon reconnection.

How can I watch Malaysian channels in Singapore?

If you’d like to watch Malaysian TV channels from home, such as TV3, TV9, and TV1 abroad, you’ll need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is because many of your favorite platforms are geo-restricted and unavailable outside Malaysia.