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Is Alsace Gewurztraminer?

Is Alsace Gewurztraminer?

Gewürztraminer is one of the 4 Grand Cru grapes of Alsace and has been produced in the region for hundreds of years. Top quality Alsatian Gewürztraminer are called ‘Vendange Tardive’ (a.k.a. ‘late harvest’) and are age-worthy dessert wines with mineral, spice and smoke notes.

What does Gewurztraminer wine taste like?

Gewurztraminer offers complex aromas, ranging from rose to apricot kernel and tropical fruits, together with pepper and sweet spices. Dried fruits and honey also appear when there’s noble rot. Simple Gewurz wines with no specific origin beyond AC Alsace are usually medium bodied and either off-dry or semi-sweet.

Is Gewurztraminer wine dry or sweet?

Dry, semi-sweet, or sweetGewürztraminer / Sweetness of resulting wine

Is Alsace a dry wine?

Traditionally all Alsace wines were dry (which once set them apart from German wines with which they share many grape varieties), but an ambition to produce wines with more intense and fruity character has led some producers to produce wines which contain some residual sugar.

What type of wine is Alsace?

Alsace lies on the border between France and Germany and is most famously known for its elegant, dry Riesling wines, off-dry Pinot Gris and luscious, rich Gewürztraminer. If you watched Somm: Into The Bottle, you saw the region’s beautiful green valleys and may have yearned for a bottle of Clos St.

Is Gewürztraminer wine dry or sweet?

Is Gewürztraminer a good wine?

The wine is known for being highly aromatic, sweet, and full-bodied. It also has low acidity and high levels of alcohol. Gewurztraminer wine is enjoyed in a range of styles, including dry, off-dry, and medium dry.

Does Gewürztraminer have a lot of sugar?

Generally, Gewürztraminer have a gram or two of residual sugar (RS). But because of the heightened aromatics, higher alcohol, and lower acidity, many Gewürz taste sweeter than they actually are.

What food goes with Alsace wine?

Food Pairing Tip: The lean and refreshing Rieslings of Alsace are the perfect pairing with charcuterie made with smoked salty ham and smoked rich tasting sausages, spiced foods with mild curry, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, star of anise, cumin, or turmeric, picnic fare, shellfish and egg dishes.

Is Alsace a sweet wine?

Alsace, in the north-eastern corner of France, is often compared with Germany and many people say that the big difference between the wines is that German wines are sweet and Alsatian wines are dry.

Is Gewürztraminer a dessert wine?

Quel vin choisir en Alsace?

Ce cépage emblématique d’Alsace offre des vins qui accompagnent merveilleusement les plats épicés et relevés ainsi que les fromages corsés comme le Munster. Ils sont ainsi très souvent proposés en Gastronomie. Comparé à un Sauvignon Blanc ou un Savagnin, le Gewurztraminer dispose d’une acidité faible et moins tranchante.

Quels sont les vins blancs de l’Alsace?

L’Alsace compte différents cépages pour l’élaboration de ces vins blancs : Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris et le Gewurztraminer. Seule une sélection de ces cépages est utilisée pour la réalisation de vins secs : le Sylvaner, le Riesling, le Muscat & le Pinot Blanc. Ces cépages offrent des vins blancs secs et rafraîchissants.

Quels sont les vins d’exception en Alsace?

Le Sylvaner Alsacien, le Pinot Blanc, le Riesling Wolfberger, le Pinot Gris, le Muscat d’Alsace ainsi que le Cépage Pinot Noir Depuis des centaines d’années, des terroirs uniques et particuliers sont réputés pour leurs vins d’exception. Grâce à ses vignerons, Wolfberger a le privilège de valoriser des parcelles sur 15 des 51 Grands Crus alsaciens.

Quels sont les vins blancs les plus rafraîchissants?

Ces cépages offrent des vins blancs secs et rafraîchissants. Les vins blancs issus du vignoble alsacien offrent des arômes aux notes florales, d’agrumes et de fruits blancs (pomme, poire, pêche) qui apportent une belle fraîcheur !