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Is AFX still made?

Is AFX still made?

The AFX brand continued production until the company was forced into receivership in 1983. Aurora designed the AFX cars with interchangeable car body shells usually compatible with each chassis they released during these years.

What does AFX slot car stand for?

They stood for Aurora Factory Experimentals. These were cars so fast they left all the others at the starting line. The first AFX cars were introduced 1971. Some Thunderjet cars stayed in the Aurora catalog in 1971 and 1972, but by 1973 all Aurora cars were AFX.

What is the fastest AFX slot car?

Brand New “Mega-G” The Lightest, Fastest, Most Realistic Production HO Slot Cars Ever Made.

How do you break an AFX slot car?

Here’s how to Break-In your new AFX car: After taking the car out of the package, run it on the “Beginner” setting of the tri-power pack for 30 consecutive minutes, pushing it along when it stalls or stutters.

How wide is AFX track?

Registered. Can’t help with lane or rail spacing, but the current AFX curve tracks are 6″, 9″, 12″ 15″ and now 18″ radius, measured on the outside of the curve. Track is 3″ wide.

Is AFX compatible with Scalextric?

Trying to mix Scalextric Micro with Tomy AFX, even if you made your own adapters, would present you with difficulties setting up your cars to run well on both types, as the rail heights are not the same, so AFX cars will tend to bog down on the Micro track and the Micro cars will tend to be ‘loose’ (slide) on the AFX …

How long can an AFX track be?

The dual terminal track has TWO power supply sockets, one for each lane instead of one. It also has two controller sockets, one for each lane. As a club we run four lane circuits from as little as 82.5′ (a scale mile) up to 140′ lap length.

Will Tyco slot cars work on AFX track?

Simple answer -yes. You can get adapters (they were made by Lifelike) but they’re pretty hard to find. Ttyco and Tomy AFX track is the same width, as is the distance of the rails from the slots – but Tyco has slightly wider lane spacing.