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Is Ace the Bat-Hound a girl?

Is Ace the Bat-Hound a girl?

Though the Gotham Pound owner described Ace as a female, Bruce and Alfred have called Ace a him, leaving the gender ambiguous.

What breed is Ace the Bat-Hound?

Ace was the dog of Bruce Wayne in his later years. A big black Dane mix, Ace was the closest companion of the elderly Wayne.

What happened to Ace in Dceased?

Alfred Pennyworth after killing Batman (infected by Nightwing and Tim Drake who Alfred later killed), left Ace behind in the Batcave. He was however found by Jason Todd while trying to find Batman and Alfred. Jason after burying the dead Batman Family members, took Ace along with him in the Batmobile.

What kind of dog is Titus?

Great Dane
Named after the Shakespeare character, Titus is Damian Wayne’s pet, a Great Dane, given to him by his father, Bruce.

Who survived in DCeased?

All of these heroes survive the events of the story, and their work helps saves countless lives. There’s still the matter of the unleashed Amazo army, which the new Justice League (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Bat-Shazam, Mary Marvel, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and Hawkgirl) does their best to hold at bay.

Who all dies in DCeased?

DCeased II: Dead Planet

  • Green Arrow/Oliver “Ollie” Queen – Infected when Wonder Woman attacked him from behind.
  • Arsenal/Roy Harper – Burned to death by an infected Fire.
  • Plastic Man/Patrick O’Brian – Infected 5 years before when he accidently looked at a screen.
  • Zatanna Zatara – Killed by an infected Plastic Man.

Why did Raven give Damian a dog?

In the DC Comics, Ace the Hound Dog was one of Damian’s steadfast animal friends, alongside Bat-Cow, of course. As a kind gesture, this really cements how Raven took it upon herself to care for Damian’s well-being.

What is Damian Wayne’s dog’s name?


How did Damian get Goliath?

Born as one of the dragon bats who guarded the sceptre of the kings in Bialya, Goliath was a infant when Damian Wayne – upon the Year of Blood – entered the ruins to prove his worth to the League of Assassins and his mother by stealing the sceptre.

What type of dog is Titus?

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