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Is a Ruger SP101 good?

Is a Ruger SP101 good?

Though its price slightly above average, the Ruger SP101 is very durable and an excellent choice for anyone who needs a solid revolver for personal defense. Ruger’s SP101 is a small, durable, and elegant-looking revolver that’s great for concealed carry, personal defense, or even home defense.

What does a Ruger SP101 shoot?

The Ruger SP101 holds five rounds of . 357 Magnum or . 38 Special. This five-round capacity makes the gun much slimmer in profile than most other guns.

Is Ruger SP101 good for concealed carry?

Key Point: The SP101 has a niche—not the best service weapon or concealed carry choice, but good for home defense, camping, and hunting. In 1988 Sturm Ruger firearms introduced what would become one of their most popular revolvers of all time: the SP101 compact revolver.

What does SP stand for in Ruger?

SP is “small” pistol. And the Security Six is simply a better gun they replaced with simply a “good” pistol.

Is the Ruger SP101 better than the GP100?

If you want to carry a wheel gun but need something that’s with a bit more beef than the standard snubby, two guns that will come up in your search are the Ruger SP101 vs GP100. Which is better as a concealed carry revolver? Truthfully? The SP101 makes the better concealed carry gun. The GP100, though, is an absolute tank of a pistol.

Is the Ruger SP101 the best 357 Magnum pistol to carry?

The Ruger SP101 was designed to slot in between the LCR, an ultralight compact snubby, and the GP100, a full-size revolver. The idea was that it would be big enough to handle the .357 Magnum, but small enough to conceal and carry. It worked, and the SP101 has had a reputation as being the best compact .357 Magnum pistols to carry.

What kind of barrel does the SP101 come with?

The SP101 comes with three lengths of barrel, 2.25 inches, 3 inches and a couple models of 4.2 inches. Most models are stainless steel, though you might find the odd model in a different finish; usually that’s a distributor-exclusive model. Most models have front blade sight and a rear trench sight cut into the top strap.

Is the SP101 good for home defense?

The size and weight of the SP101 are actually really good for a revolver. The interesting part of this gun is the fact that the calibers that it’s chambered in, namely the .357 Magnum and the .38 Special make it perfect for defense, personal defense, as well as, medium-size game, predator defense.