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How to unlock door to survivalist cache?

How to unlock door to survivalist cache?

There is an Average locked door in the southern section of the cave behind which contains a Survivalist hidden cache containing the map of the Grand Staircase. The lock may be picked or the Morning Glory’s cache key can be retrieved and will unlock the door.

Where are the survivalist caves?

Caves are found on every Island and are blocked by a huge boulder. They contain valuable resources needed to craft Trinkets. To enter the caves, you will need to blow up the boulder blocking the entrance with a Bomb. The types of resources inside a cave depends on the Island where the Cave is situated.

How to reach Stone Bones Cave?

Located within the area of the Sorrows camp, the cave is located on a ridge above the general area. Upon entering the cave there are some pillars and a path to the left. There is a tripwire connected to a grenade bouquet across the entrance to the path.

Where is the Red Gate in Fallout New Vegas?

the Zion Canyon
Red Gate is a location in the Zion Canyon. It is located north-northwest of the Red Rapids Docks.

How do you open the door in Morning Glory cave?

At the center of the cave atop a rock spire is a duffle bag, a crate and ammunition box with random loot, and junk items strewn about. The duffle bag contains the key for a locked gate on the wall opposite the entrance (or it can be picked with an average Lockpick skill).

How do you get bombs in the survivalists?

Bomb is an item used to open cave entrances and is unlocked after speaking to the Beast Master. She will then give you the unlock for the bomb recipe.

Where can you get the NCR Ranger armor in Fallout New Vegas?

This armor can be found on NCR Veteran Rangers throughout the game in areas occupied by the NCR (e.g. Camp Golf, the NCR Ranger Safehouse, Ranger Station Bravo, Camp Forlorn Hope, etc.) or if the Courier is labeled a terrorist by the NCR, as there will be ranger kill-squads sent to eliminate them.

Where is the Desert Ranger combat armor?

Locations. Stone Bones cave, at the end near a footlocker in front of the Survivalist’s terminal.

Where is the survivalist rifle in honest hearts?

Location. The Red Gate: The rifle is found in a duffle bag marked “the Survivalist’s duffle bag.” At the summit of the Red Gate, the Courier will see three trees and the bag containing the weapon is wedged between some boulders underneath the trees, propped up on the rocks.

What level should you be for honest hearts?

Do Honest Hearts at level 10 or 15, after that you can probaly do Old World Blues right after finishing Honest Hearts,then i recommend levelling a bit until you´re 25 to do Dead Money since there´s a fair amount of high skill checks there, as for Lonesome Road i would recommend doing it when you´re around level 30.

How do I seal the Yao Guai Cave?

There is an option given by Daniel to seal the cave by placing explosives in three different areas. These areas appear on the Pip-Boy map. If all three resident yao guai are killed prior to the quest River Monsters, they are likely to have respawned when returning to the cave during the quest.

How do you find the Beastmaster in the survivalists?

Location. The Beast Master is found in the middle of the Second Island, marked by a crossbow icon on the map.

How do you beat survivalists?

Put all your walls down and now, you have something to work towards in the long term.

  1. Build Every Recipe You Can.
  2. Fully Explore Your Island To Get The Best Loot.
  3. Play The Survivalists With Friends.
  4. Find the Mysterious Stranger.
  5. Get as Many Monkeys as Possible and Train Them.
  6. Brave the Caves.