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How old is Ninja from Die Antwoord?

How old is Ninja from Die Antwoord?

47 years (September 26, 1974)Watkin Tudor Jones Jr. / Age

What did Ninja from Die Antwoord do?

Jones of sexual assault. One of them, an Australian musician who had a relationship with the rapper, said that “Ninja” fantasized about an incestuous relationship with her because of her resemblance to his biological daughter. The singer denied the accusations.

Did the guy from Die Antwoord die?

He was known for his close association with the hip hop group Die Antwoord, as well as for being one of the world’s longest-lived persons with progeria….

Leon Botha
Born 4 June 1985 Cape Town, South Africa
Died 5 June 2011 (aged 26) Cape Town
Occupation Painter entertainer
Years active 2007–2011

Are Ninja and Yo Landi together?

Ninja, real name Watkin Tudor Jones, 44, makes up the rap duo with his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his child, Andri du Toit – known as Yolandi. The pair broke up in 2013, though stayed together as a band, and both began seeing other partners.

How old is Yo Landi?

37 years (December 1, 1984)Yolandi Visser / Age

Who is Ninja married to?

Jessica BlevinsNinja / Spouse (m. 2017)

Is Ninja an Afrikaans?

Yo-landi Vi$$er is as Afrikaans as they come and although Ninja is a soutie (English speaking person), he is proud of the Afrikaans language and would be insulted if someone accused Die Antwoord of giving Afrikaans a bad name. “We rebel against all brain-dead, soulless music.

Why did Die Antwoord break up?

In 2019, Die Antwoord were removed from several festivals following an altercation in which they were filmed shouting homophobic slurs at Andy Butler of Hercules And Love Affair.

What is Die Antwoord net worth?

Die Antwoord net worth The duo has a band whose worth is estimated at $5 million. Ninja net worth is approximately $10 million while Yolandi also has a net worth of $10 million as well.

Is Ninja married to Yolandi?

Though they never got married, Visser and Ninja have always remained very close. In 2009 Visser wanted to change her image, so she would look on the outside how she felt on the inside. She fulfilled that goal by having Ninja cut off the sides of her hair and then she bleached her hair and eyebrows white.

Is Ninja still married 2021?

Jessica Blevins is the wife of Tyler Blevins, and they are happily married for 4 years. After their marriage, Jessica announced she had changed her last name to Blevins.

Does Ninja still have a wife?

For the uninitiated, Jessica Blevins and streamer Ninja have been married together since 2017. The apex face of the brand, though, is her husband. However, Jessica is the one who actually runs the business side of Team Ninja’s entire empire.

How tall is a ninja?


Name Tyler Blevins
Country of Birth United States
Birthday June 5, 1991 (age 30)
Height 6 ft.1 (185cm)
Est. Net Worth $10 million