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How much is Hardiflex in Philippines?

How much is Hardiflex in Philippines?

₱ 511.00. HardieFlex® Fiber Cement Board 4.5mm is the best ceiling solution for internal residential applications greater than 6sqm, and as a standard solution for internal walls exposed to low traffic. It is fire-resistant and deemed to be non-combustible.

What are the sizes of Hardiflex?


  • 4.5mm (1/4x 4” x 8′) – used for ceiling, walls and eaves in residential applications.
  • 6mm (1/4 x 4” x 8′) – used for ceiling, walls and eaves in commercial applications.
  • LITE 3.5mm (3/16 x 4” x 8′) – used for ceilings in residential applications.

What is the standard size of Hardiflex board Philippines?


Product Size Rw(no insulation) Rw(*with insulation)
HardieFlex 4.5mm 1219 x 2438 58
HardieFlex 6.0mm 1219 x 2438 51
HardieFlex 9.0mm 1219 x 2438 61
HardieFlex 12.0mm 254 or 305 x 2438 11

Is Hardiflex good for ceiling?

Answer. Yes. HardieFlex® sheets with a minimum thickness of 4.5mm can be used for internal walls in residential applications. It can also be used for other applications such as ceilings and eaves.

What is a Ficem board?

Fiber cement boards are composite materials made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. More specifically, they are composed of Portland cement with glass-fiber mesh on the surface.

Is 3.5 mm HardiFlex good for ceiling?

HardieFlex® Fiber Cement Board 3.5mm is the standard ceiling solution for internal residential applications not exceeding 6sqm. It is fire-resistant and deemed to be non-combustible. At the same time, it is resistant to damage caused by moisture, termites and rotting.

Which is better Ficem or gypsum?

After reading to this point, many of you might think that gypsum board has an inferior quality to fiber cement board but do not jump to conclusions because actually not only gypsum boards has lower price and lighter weight but also has smoother surface and it gives a nice and smooth touch on the edge joints between the …

Is Ficem board wood?

One budget-friendly trick of contractors is buying ficem boards with a wood grain finish (you can get this type from James Hardie) and using them as “wood planks” for the house gates. Another great use of ficem boards (especially the textured ones) is to use these as exterior wall cladding for house facades.

What are the different thickness for a Ficem board?

Fiber Cement Board 6mm,9mm,12mm.

Is Hardiflex water resistant?

Once installed, HardieFlex sheets are resistant to damage caused by moisture, so there is usually no need to replace your wall or ceiling if some moisture gets in.

How do I know if my Hardiflex is real?

First, an original HardieFlex® has a back branding located at the back of each HardieFlex®sheet. The back branding indicates the product name, thickness, and batch number. The back branding also protects the consumers not just against fake fiber cement boards but against product defects as well.

Where is Ficem board used?

What is the size Ficem board?

Can HardiFlex be painted?

Answer. As long as you use the recommended water-based paints, you can directly apply paint to HardieFlex sheets after all the joints and fasteners have been covered.

What happens when HardiFlex gets wet?

What is Hardiflex made of?

Made from high-grade cellulose fiber, Portland cement, water, sand and especially formulated additives, HardieFlex® is durable and requires minimal maintenance and repair hence is very cost-effective and environment-friendly with very low VOC.

Can I use Ficem board for ceiling?

Their exciting and elegant styles and easy-to-use property also make them a great choice for ceilings. You can also install down lights and paint the boards as per your choice. The neat and sophisticated look that such boards offer is enough to make anyone praise you for the decision.

What is the best paint for HardiFlex?

Answer. The most economical type of paint recommended for HardieFlex fiber cement boards are water-based (latex) paints. Acrylic, vinyl, and PVA are all water-based paints as well. Acrylic can be used for both external and internal applications.