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How much is a whitetail deer hunt in Kansas?

How much is a whitetail deer hunt in Kansas?

Prices do not include hunting tag and license fees for the State of Kansas….ARCHERY HUNTING.

Hunting Dates Semi-Guided
10/03/2022 – 10/07/2022 $2,400
10/10/2022 – 10/14/2022 $2,400
10/17/2022 – 10/21/2022 $2,600

Where is the best whitetail deer hunting in Kansas?

Located north of Waconda Lake and Glen Elder, Kansas – Rader Lodge is nestled within some of the best Whitetail Deer Hunting land in Kansas. With many private leases, the demand for hunting trophy whitetail deer is high, making Kansas a favorite destination for hunters looking to score a trophy whitetail buck.

How much does it cost to deer hunt in Kansas?

Deer Permits & License Cost

Non-Resident Combo Either Sex & Antlerless Deer Permit (16 and older) includes all conveniece fees. $454.59
Non-Resident Yearly Hunting License Includes all conveniece fees. Total: $100.50 $555.09
Preference Point Purchase Only $26.50

Where is the best deer hunting in Kansas?

The Best Places to Hunt Trophy Bucks in Kansas

  • Tuttle Creek Wildlife Area: The Tuttle Creek Wildlife Area offers some of the finest buck hunting in the state.
  • Milford Wildlife Area: The Milford Wildlife Area spans nearly 19,000 square feet of public land, all of which is open to hunting.

Where are biggest deer in Kansas?

Kansas Top 20 Deer Records

Name Score Co. of Harvest
Bill Bussen, Norton, KS 240 6/8 Norton
Thad J. Douthit, St. Francis, KS 239 7/8 Cheyenne
Rudolph A. Busen, Hutchinson, KS 239 0/8 Wallace
Tyler Remington, Gove, KS 234 7/8 Gove

Does Kansas have good whitetail hunting?

The state of Kansas provides some of the best trophy whitetail hunting in the nation, and not too many folks would argue that fact, especially if they have hunted there. The best areas of the state have a mix of sand hill pastures, mature hedgerows, and creek bottoms where whitetails have access to agricultural fields.

Where are the biggest bucks in Kansas?

At 264 1/8 inches, Dale Larson’s non-typical has occupied the top of the Kansas records since 1998. Dale arrowed the buck during the rut in Pottawatomie County, one of the top counties for big deer.

What county in Kansas has the biggest whitetail deer?

Top 5 Non-Typical Counties (All Time) Nemaha, Lyon, Marshall, Pottawatomie and Reno counties take home the top spots in the non-typical category with 21 entries. I saw the largest public land whitetail of my life in Kansas. The deer was every bit of 190 inches with a 24- to 25-inch inside spread.

How much is a non resident deer tag in Kansas?

Any nonresident interested in hunting deer in Kansas next fall must apply online by visiting Applicants must possess a valid nonresident hunting license to apply and the permit cost is $442.50 for hunters 16 and older and $117.50 for hunters 15 and younger.

How many deer tags can I get in Kansas?

Number of Whitetail Antlerless-Only (WAO) Permits a hunter may purchase is 5 but they may use them as follows: The first antlerless whitetail permit shall be valid for units 1 thru 17 and 19, including KDWP managed public hunting areas within those units.

What is the biggest buck shot in Kansas?

The current record is held by Dennis Finger, who shot a 190 2/8-inch buck in 1974.

What is the record buck in Kansas?

For firearms, the current state’s record non-typical whitetail score is 280 4/8 inches, recorded in 1987 by Joseph Waters in Shawnee County.

What part of Kansas has the biggest deer?

Does Kansas have good deer hunting?

How many bucks can you shoot in Kansas?

Kansas deer hunting regulations allow only one buck per permit, but a number of antlerless deer permits may be purchased by an individual.

How do I get a out of state deer tag in Kansas?

How much is a whitetail tag in Kansas?

Kansas Hunting Fees

2022 Kansas Non-Resident Fees
Up-Front Fees
Adult Hunting License $97.50
Junior Hunting License (15 and Younger) $42.50
Adult Whitetail Deer Permit $442.50

How much is a buck tag in Kansas?

For purchase over the counter, online or by phone: $87.50 Nonresident Hunt-Own-Land Deer Permit.

Can a non resident hunt in Kansas?

Nonresident hunters, regardless of age, must have a nonresident hunting license. Annual hunting licenses can be purchased online by clicking here or through all licensed agents, or Kansas Department of Wildlife and Park offices. No hunter may purchase more than one permit that allows the harvest of an antlered deer.

Can non residents hunt deer in Kansas?

The 2022 Kansas non-resident deer and antelope permit applicant information will be available soon….Kansas Hunting Fees.

2022 Kansas Non-Resident Fees
Junior Hunting License (15 and Younger) $42.50
Adult Whitetail Deer Permit $442.50
Youth Whitetail Deer Permit (15 and Younger) $117.50
Archery Antelope Permit $302.50