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How much does it cost to install artificial grass in Melbourne?

How much does it cost to install artificial grass in Melbourne?

You can expect to pay between: $50 and $75 per square metre for low to mid-priced synthetic grass to be installed. $75 to $100 per square metre to supply and install more expensive grass, or for a more complex installation.

Which synthetic turf is best?

Keep reading for tips on finding the right fake turf for your outdoor space, and explore the quality picks below.

  • BEST OVERALL: PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug.
  • BEST BUDGET: Petgrow Deluxe Realistic Artificial Grass Turf.
  • MOST REALISTIC: Goasis Lawn Realistic Thick Artificial Grass Turf.

What is the most realistic artificial grass Australia?

The Augusta range If you use your backyard for entertaining family and friends throughout the year, a softer, more realistic and durable option of artificial grass is the one for you. The Augusta range is the perfect choice, as it ticks all these boxes.

How much is it to have artificial grass laid?

£22.50 – £35 per m2 for a luxury range. £15 – £22.50 per m2 for medium range. £10 – £15 per m2 for budget range.

How can you tell if artificial grass is good quality?

If you are unsure on what high-quality artificial grass looks like, it should have:

  1. A realistic looking finish rather than a plastic look.
  2. A soft texture that feels nice on the skin (this is particularly important if you have children).
  3. Good quality holed latex to allow for effective drainage.

Can you lay artificial grass straight onto soil?

Unfortunately laying artificial grass directly on top of soil or existing grass just will not work. The finished result would be an extremely uneven looking lawn. The key to long-lasting artificial grass is just as much about getting the groundworks right as it is choosing the right fake grass.

What base do I need to lay artificial grass?

There are a few different sub-base options, the most common being crushed granite stone. This is sometimes referred to as Grano dust or 4-6mm dust. You can also use limestone and MOT Type 1, but here at Artificial Lawn Company, we mainly use our own special mix of crushed granite aggregate.

How long does synthetic grass last?

10 to 20 years
As long as you take care of your turf, it can last for years, even up to 20 years. This means the answer to how long does artificial turf last, can range from 10 to 20 years. For instance, if you use it on a football field, it won’t last as long as it will in your backyard.