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How much does a MacGregor 26X weight?

How much does a MacGregor 26X weight?

The 26X without gear is 2350 lbs, the 26M without gear is 2550 lbs. The Suzuki 50 motor is 243 lbs.

Which is safer sailboat or motorboat?

While a powerboat is convenient in terms of speed, a sailboat is much safer and more reliable than a powerboat. But irrespective of the type of boat that you’re looking to own, it’s of great importance to make safety a priority.

Who makes MacGregor Sailboats?

We are Paul Sharp and Laura MacGregor Sharp. Our family has been building boats under the MacGregor brand for over 50 years. Our parents, Roger and Mary Lou MacGregor, have decided to retire from production boat building.

How heavy is a Macgregor 26m?

2550 lbs

Length overall 25′ 10
Permanent ballast 300 lbs
Boat weight, empty 2550 lbs
Trailer weight 530 lbs
Mainsail 170 sq. ft

Is it safe to be on a sailboat in a thunderstorm?

Sailing in a thunderstorm can be dangerous. However, lightning strikes are uncommon. The most dangerous factor in thunderstorms for sailors are unpredictable changes in wind direction and unexpected wind gusts. It is recommended to avoid sailing during storms in general, if at all possible.

How big of a sailboat can be trailered?

8 ft 6 in.
The maximum allowable for a trailerable sailboat is 8 ft 6 in. This is because these dimensions are the maximum limit for standard trailers on American roads. A larger boat can be transported on the road, but only as an oversize load. In practice, very few trailerable sailboats have a beam of exactly 8 ft 6 in.

What is a MacGregor 26C?

The MacGregor 26C is the centreboard variant of Roger MacGregor’s long-running series of trailer-sailers, which include the 26D (daggerboard) and 26X (wheel steering with 50/55 hp outboard) versions.

Where are MacGregor yachts made?

MacGregor Yachts, one of the largest builders in the US, has a well-established reputation as the producer of inexpensive boats. Located in Orange County, California, its plant sits across the street from the former headquarters of Westsail and Islander in a neighborhood that in 1973 built more than 24,000 boats with a retail value of $88 million.

Is the Macgregors a real sailboat?

Many traditional sailors joke about MacGregors because of the light fiberglass construction (the hull can “oilcan” flex in places if you push hard against it) and its powerboat characteristics since 1996. Many say it is not a “real sailboat.”

What is the warranty on a MacGregor Yacht?

The two-year warranty covers all parts manufactured by MacGregor. Contact- MacGregor Yacht Corp., 1631 Placentia, Costa Mesa, CA, 92627; 949/642-6830.