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How much are Louis Wain prints worth?

How much are Louis Wain prints worth?

Louis Wain’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 17 USD to 24,856 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 1998 the record price for this artist at auction is 24,856 USD for.

How many Louis Wain paintings are there?

Louis Wain – 72 artworks.

Where are Louis Wain’s paintings?

Peter was the subject of Wain’s first cat drawings and the impetus to his later work. The artist died on July 4, 1939 in St. Albans, United Kingdom. Today, his works are in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Berrington Hall in Herefordshire.

Did Louis Wain really draw with both hands?

Wain painted and drafted as effortlessly as he struggled with most other things. He could draw a portrait with two hands in less than a minute. His passions were electricity, his wife (once his family’s governess) and cats, his subject of choice.

Was Louis Wain a real person?

Louis William Wain (5 August 1860 – 4 July 1939) was an English artist best known for his drawings, which consistently featured anthropomorphized large-eyed cats and kittens. Later in life, he was confined to mental institutions and was alleged to have suffered from schizophrenia.

What did Louis Wain suffer from?

Louis Wain was an English artist best known for his drawings, which consistently featured anthropomorphized cats, and that suffered from schizophrenia. His work deeply changed as the disease evolved and his mental state deteriorated.

Is Louis Wain public domain?

Although Wain’s books are all in the public domain, to date none have been reprinted other than Father Tuck’s Struwwelpeter. A number of collections of his artwork, however, have been released.

How old was Emily Richardson when she married Louis Wain?

Emily Richardson was Wain’s wife. Richardson was his sisters’ governess, and was responsible for his sisters’ education and general learning. Their marriage was considered scandalous due to the fact that Wain was 23 at the time of the marriage, while Richardson was 33, marking a 10 year age gap between the pair.

Is Louis Wain art in public domain?

Is there a Louis Wain museum?

The Art of Louis Wain – Exhibition Bethlem Museum of the Mind is set within the extensive grounds of Bethlem Hospital, Beckenham. It is an imposing Art Deco building and is fully accessible.

Did Louis Wain suffer from schizophrenia?

Was Louis Wain schizophrenic or autistic?

One popular theory today is that had Wain been alive in the 21st century, he would likely have been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. However, the work of psychiatrist Dr Walter Maclay helped to secure Wain’s reputation as a schizophrenic artist for much of the 20th century.

Are Louis Wain images copyrighted?

Was Louis Wain actually schizophrenic?

Artist Profile Louis Wain was a British illustrator born in 1860 in London, United Kingdom. Wain, along with members of his family, suffered from various mental illnesses. After he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, his way of painting, drawing, and sketching cats changed drastically.

How much older was Emily Richardson than Louis Wain?

Why did Louis Wain go insane?

There has been some speculation that Wain’s schizophrenia was caused by toxoplasma gondii—a parasite found in cat’s excreta. Whatever began his illness, Wain was incarcerated in various asylums and mental hospitals for years at a time. The changes to his life were reflected in his art.

Is Louis Wain a real person?

Was Louis Wain a Real Person? Louis Wain was indeed a real person. He was born in 1860 in London, one of six siblings and the only male. He had a cleft lip, which, as the film suggests, he feared would make him undesirable.

How accurate is the movie The Electrical Life of Louis Wain?

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain is based on a true story and is fiercely accurate in its depiction of Louis’ life. A talented illustrator, Wain chose to focus his art on the feline population, and his colorful, often psychedelic drawings of cats drove his success. Wain was quite famous for his cat art by the 1800s.