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How many USO trips did Bob Hope do?

How many USO trips did Bob Hope do?

Between 1941 and 1991, Hope made 57 tours for the USO, entertaining military personnel in WW II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War. His tours were funded by the Department of Defense, his TV sponsors, and NBC, the network which broadcast the TV specials created from the shows.

Was Bob Hope in the USO?

Hope was one of the first major stars to join the USO in entertaining the troops during World War II, but he soon became the organization’s most iconic USO tour veteran.

Does SNA have a USO?

Active and reserve members and their dependents are welcome, as well as military retirees on a space available basis. The USO Center is open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m….About Bob Hope USO.

USO at JWA [email protected] 949.252.0303
USO Sponsor and Donor Opportunities [email protected] 310.645.3710

Is the USO open to retirees?

As much as the USO would like to open its doors to retirees, disabled veterans and all those who have honorably served, as a nonprofit organization, the USO has limited space and resources.

Who has done the most USO tours?

One of the most involved current USO entertainers is country singer Kellie Pickler, who has 12 USO tours under her belt as of 2019. Keep reading to find out about all of the celebrities who have been involved with the USO in the past. You’ll find singers, comedians, actors, and even celebrity chefs on this list.

Did Brooke Shields do USO tours with Bob Hope?

Traveling on 27 USO tours with Bob Hope is an experience actress Brooke Shields, says she’ll never forget. “Anywhere we went, whenever we landed … we would always do an impromptu show,” she said.

Where did Bob Hope entertain the troops?

Berlin, Germany
In December of 1948, Bob Hope and other performers traveled to Berlin, Germany, to entertain members of the armed forces participating in the Berlin Airlift. This was his first Christmas tour to entertain troops and the beginning of a Hope tradition that lasted until1990.

Who can use USO airport lounges?

As much as the USO would like to open its doors to retirees, disabled veterans and all those who have honorably served, as a nonprofit organization, the USO must focus its efforts on serving the needs of those who need us most: U.S. Armed Forces active duty, Reserve and Guard service members, as well as their families.

Who is eligible for USO?

1) Active duty members of the Armed Forces 2) Reserve members of the Armed Forces, including National Guard members 3) Military dependent family members 4) Military retirees (on a space available basis)* 5) Military retiree dependent family members (on a space available basis)* 6) All Bob Hope USO centers also welcome …

Can retired military use the USO in airports?

Occasionally, veterans or military retirees contact us to tell us they couldn’t get into a USO airport lounge because they didn’t have an active military ID card. As much as we’d like to open our doors to all those who have honorably served, we have limited space and resources.

Who traveled with Bob Hope on USO tours?

World War II Photo of Bob Hope and Company He logged over 30,000 miles and gave more than 150 performances. Accompanying Hope on the trip were guitarist Tony Romano, singer Frances Langford, dancer Patty Thomas, and gag-writer and Hope chum, Barney Dean.

Who toured with Bob Hope in 1969?

Joined on the tour by actresses Raquel Welch and Barbara McNair, Hope performed for 25,000 men and women at Long Binh who sat in a brutal sun while organizers fretted about security.

Where was the first USO show?

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — Eighty years ago, comedy and entertainment legend Bob Hope performed his first USO show — and it was aired out of March Field in Riverside County. On May 6, 1941, Hope broadcast that first NBC radio show for military personnel at March’s gymnasium.

Can retirees use USO at airport?

Can military spouse use USO?

Who can use USO airport lounges? Since 1941, the USO – a charity organization – has served the active duty service members of our country’s Armed Forces, as well as their spouses and families, who are stationed around the world.

Can family members use USO?

Who is eligible for USO services?

Where does Bob Hope USO operate?

Bob Hope USO operates centers at LAX, Ontario International Airport, Orange County at John Wayne Airport, Palm Springs International Airpor… From a home cooked Thanksgiving meal to sandwiches prepared by our volunteers to even freshly baked cupcakes and Girl Scout Cookies, Bob Ho…

What is the Bob Hope USO scavenger hunt?

Our Bob Hope USO Programs Team hosts weekly scavenger hunts for MilKids in Southern California, and across the United States. Each week is …

What is the Bob Hope USO sandwich brigade?

For troop movements, whether getting on a plane or a bus, Bob Hope USO Volunteers form a “Sandwich Brigade” and, like an assembly line, cre… For most of us, the holidays are a time for families to unite and come together.