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How many soldiers are stationed at Ansbach?

How many soldiers are stationed at Ansbach?

The garrison takes pride in its support to more than 6,400 Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members, who are working and living within the USAG Ansbach area.

What does PX store stand for?

post exchange
Originally akin to trading posts, they now resemble contemporary department stores or strip malls. Exact terminology varies by armed service; some examples include base exchange (BX), and post exchange (PX), and there are more specific terms for subtypes of exchange.

Is there an Army base in Ansbach Germany?

USAG Ansbach is a German co-base run by the United States of America in the northern part of Bavaria. It is located in a relatively unusual site. Although the base is only a couple of hours away from the Alps, it is on a plain field. It is only 40 km away from Nuernberg.

Is Ansbach a good place to live?

Ansbach is a great place to live, with wonderful opportunities to travel and experience other cultures.

What is Ansbach known for?

The city has a castle known as Margrafen–Schloss, built between 1704 and 1738. It was not badly damaged during the World Wars and hence retains its original historical baroque sheen. Ansbach is now home to a US military base and to the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences….


What units are in Ansbach?


  • V Corps.
  • 12th Combat Aviation Brigade.
  • 5th Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment.
  • The Ansbach Health Clinic.
  • The Ansbach Dental Clinic.
  • 7th Army Training Command.

What county is Ansbach Germany?


Ansbach Show map of Germany Show map of Bavaria Show all
Coordinates: 49°18′0″N 10°35′0″E
Country Germany
State Bavaria

What does Ansbach mean in German?

Ansbach (/ˈænzbæk/; German pronunciation: [ˈansbax] ( listen)) is a city in the German state of Bavaria. It is the capital of the administrative region of Middle Franconia.

How much does the military pay for gas?

The Defense Logistics Agency buys military fuel for $2.82 per gallon. But that same fuel can cost $13 if it’s shipped by ground to a forward-deployed location, during peacetime. If it’s transferred in-flight from a refueling airplane to another aircraft, the gas is $42.

How many US Army bases in Germany?

The United States Army has 40 military installations in Germany, two of which are scheduled to close.

How old is Ansbach Germany?

Ansbach is the seat of the district government of Middle Franconia, the former residency of the Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach and features more than 1270 years of dynamic history.