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How many decks does the USS Defiant have?

How many decks does the USS Defiant have?

The Defiant class had four decks. Doug Drexler based the deck plans in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual (foldout) on his master systems display, seen in “The Adversary” and many later episodes.

How big is the defiant class?

Defiant-class vessels crewed 50 officers and crew, with room for a maximum of 150 in evacuation situations. The Defiant vessels weighed 355,000 metric tons, measured 170.68 meters in length, 134.11 meters in width and 30.1 meters in height.

How many people can the defiant hold?

As befitted its role, the U.S.S. Defiant was considerably smaller than most Federation starships. It had a normal operational crew of 40 people, but could accommodate up to 192 in emergencies.

How fast can the USS Defiant go?

USS Defiant
Defenses Deflector shields Cloaking device Ablative armor
Maximum speed Warp factor 9.5 (Upgraded 2371)
Propulsion Impulse drive Warp drive RCS Thrusters
Length 170 metres (560 ft)

Why is the Defiant so small?

Why was the Defiant so small? It seems the design flaws were obvious. They were trying to pack too much into a small package.

What’s the fastest ship in Starfleet?

The ability to travel at nearly Warp 10 makes the Prometheus the fastest ship in Starfleet, and possibly the galaxy.

Was the Defiant destroyed?

After many missions, the Defiant was destroyed in 2375 during the Second Battle of Chin’toka in the DS9 episode “The Changing Face of Evil.”

Are holodecks possible?

The tech used to construct the holodeck, though, isn’t simply highly advanced; it’s physically impossible. If you were to attempt to build your own, you would have to violate the laws of physics, which, to echo the feelings of many chiefs of engineering, is easier said than done.