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How long is Croft circuit?

How long is Croft circuit?

2.12 miles per lap
Circuit Length Croft circuit is one of the most challenging in the UK. It is also one of the longest in the UK at 2.12 miles per lap – something to consider when comparing us with our competitors!

Who owns Croft circuit?

British Superbikes also added Croft to their calendar in the 2000s, though departed after the 2011 season. In 2006 the circuit was bought by the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC), adding it to its small roster of circuits alongside Thruxton and Pembrey.

Does Croft circuit have showers?

Croft Race Circuit recently invested in a new washroom block. Cubicle Centre supplied the toilet and shower cubicles.

Can you take any bike to a track day?

Whether you ride a cruiser, sports bike, touring bike, dual-sport, or a scooter, you can bring it to a track day. Sure, a Damon HyperSport will perform way better than a moped on the track. However, don’t let the type of motorbike you ride prevent you from hitting the track.

How safe is motorcycle track day?

Another question people frequently ask is are motorcycle track days safe? Yes, if you take proper precautions! They’re simply a day where you’re able to take your motorcycle out on a closed and controlled environment (a race track) and improve your riding skills.

When did Croft circuit open?

August 1964
The first meeting in August 1964, attracted a crowd of between 30,000 and 50,000 people. Over the years the circuit has played host to many famous names and has hosted national and international meetings.

How long is Snetterton circuit?

2.969 miles
Snetterton Circuit

Snetterton 300 Circuit (2011–present)
Length 2.969 miles (4.779 km)
Turns 12
Race lap record 1:39.933 (Felipe Nasr, Dallara F308, 2011, British F3)
Snetterton 200 Circuit (2011–present)

Can you have a passenger on a track day?

All passengers must wear a helmet and sit in the front seat of the vehicle only. This means that if you are having an instructor session you may not have a passenger.

Are there any bike trackdays in Croft?

Croft is subject to stringent noise control and therefore bike trackdays at this North Yorkshire circuit are limited in number. Croft is subject to stringent noise control and therefore bike trackdays at this North Yorkshire circuit are limited in number.

When is the classic motorcycle racing club at Croft Circuit?

The Classic Motorcycle Racing Club will bring the motorsport season to a close at Croft Circuit this weekend (October 2/3) and whilst there is set to be plenty of action on-track, a Classic Bike Show is set to garner plenty of attention.

Where is Croft Circuit?

Croft is an International Motor Racing Circuit located just outside Darlington in North Yorkshire, which as well as hosting track day events, is used for the British Touring Car and British Superbike Championships. Racing at Croft can be traced back as far as the 1920s when cars were in their infancy.

Why race at Croft Circuit?

Croft circuit is the perfect place to test your race car or bike. The variety of high and low speed corners combined with two straights allows teams and drivers to fettle the machinery, give them the edge of the competition.