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How long did the Littlest Hobo run?

How long did the Littlest Hobo run?

The series first aired from 1963 to 1965 in syndication, and was revived for a popular second run on CTV, spanning six seasons, from October 11, 1979, to March 7, 1985.

When did Littlest Hobo come out?

October 11, 1979The Littlest Hobo / First episode date

How many episodes does the littlest hobo have?

114The Littlest Hobo / Number of episodes

What happened to the littlest hobo?

Coventry’s much-loved stray dog Frank has died, his owners have confirmed. The pup, affectionately known as “Coundon’s littlest hobo”, touched the hearts of the local community when he was living rough in the city for four years.

Who owned the littlest hobo?

Charles Eisenmann
Hobo was typically portrayed by London, who was owned and trained by Charles Eisenmann. On occasion, relatives of London including dogs named Toro, Litlon and Thorn would act in scenes of the show. London would appear in 48 episodes total in the series, with the other dogs appearing in the other episodes.

What happened to London the dog from The Littlest Hobo?

“The dog actor is actually a direct descendant of London, the dog who starred in the original series.” London died in 1987 from a massive drug overdose. Manatee Films released a trailer previewing the revitalized series, and The Manatee has exclusive access.

How many dogs were used in the littlest hobo?

Eisenmann would eventually have three German Shepherd Dogs named London, as well as dogs named Litlon, Lance, Hobo, Venus and Raura. All were trained to be trilingual, and each had an average vocabulary of 1500 words.

Is the littlest hobo dog still alive?

What type of breed was the littlest hobo?

German Shepherd dog
In 1979, the Canadian Television Network revived 1960s series The Littlest Hobo, a half-hour family show about a German Shepherd dog who drifts around rural Canada helping folk in need.