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How does Shen ULT work?

How does Shen ULT work?

Shen recalls his spirit blade to attack with it, dealing damage based on the target’s max health. The attacks are greatly empowered if it collides with an enemy champion, and all collided enemies are slowed while running away from Shen.

Does Nocturne ULT counter Shen ULT?

No. You can only do it if you have vision on them. Nocturne’s ultimate will even cancel Shen’s ultimate if it causes him to lose vision of his target before he can finish casting it.

When should I ULT as Shen?

The ult should be used as soon as possible, not as saving someone at the last moment (unless you are late and that is when you see it, you might save someones life). If your target gets killed before you finish channeling, you will not get teleported and the usefull part of your ult is actually the teleporting.

Does morde ULT stop Shen ULT?

Does Shen block Katarina ULT?

Shen’s W now blocks all damage from Kat daggers, e, and ult because they apply on hit effects : r/KatarinaMains.

Can Yuumi go in morde ULT?

3. Yuumi can’t help you during Mordekaiser’s ult. It’s an oft-asked question, but we finally have an answer from Mordekaiser playtester and number-one fanboy, Malicious Metal – Yuumi cannot help you in the Realm of Death.

Can you Shen ult to morde ULT?

No it doesn’t, only QSS does. it doesnt remove mordekaiser ult.

Does Shen block Rengar Q?

Shen’s W blocks Rengar’s normal Q, empowered Q and his autos. Use your W while her Q+AA+Q+AA+Q+AA combo to block passive empowered auto attacks. You can W his E auto attacks, and avoid also stacking his passive shield, it’s hard to time it tho.

Does Shen W stop Garen E?

Shen’s W does not block Garen’s E.

What is Mordekaiser’s Mace called?

So I was reading through some lore and realized the Mordekaiser’s mace is named Nightfall, and now I’m curious if this is just coincidence or there could be a greater significance?

Is Mordekaiser’s ULT a suppression?

According to, mordekaiser’s realm of death is considered a suppression which falls under immobilization effects.

Does Quicksilver remove morde ULT?

Can You Quicksilver Sash Morde Ult? Yes, you can use quicksilver sash to remove morde ult.

Can morde cancel Shen ULT?

No. You can only do it if you have vision on them.

Does Shen beat Darius?

Shen wins against Darius 50.79% of the time which is 3.21% higher against Darius than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Shen wins against Darius 0.14% more often than would be expected.