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How does Christopher show his emotions?

How does Christopher show his emotions?

Christopher expresses his emotions in a limited way. He rarely narrates what he’s feeling in a given situation beyond being happy or being overwhelmed and confused. He expresses most negative emotions by groaning or hitting people.

What difficulties in communication does Christopher have?

Christopher has trouble understanding metaphors, such as the dog was stone dead. He also has difficulty with nonverbal forms of communication, such as body language, facial expressions, and even the tone of someone’s voice.

How does Christopher show love in the curious incident?

Christopher feels love through his connections to animals – particularly to his dog Sandy.

How does Christopher say he feels after reading the letter?

Read an in-depth analysis of Christopher’s mother. Christopher feels deeply hurt by the information that he gains from the letters, as evidenced by the strong physical reaction he has.

What does Christopher say are the four moods of a dog?

When Christopher finds Wellington’s dead body, he writes: “You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross and concentrating.

How does Christopher describe his mind?

Christopher likens his mind to a DVD player that can skip backward through his memories to a specific moment in the past. As an example, he recalls July 4th, 1992, when he was nine years old, and describes a family vacation to the beach in Cornwall.

How does Christopher define love and truth quotes?

For Christopher, truth = love. Without truth, there cannot be love. This just reinforces the sinister nature of lying – that once you start lying, it’s really difficult to back out. Christopher’s father expects him, of all people, to understand.

Do you think Christopher has strong feelings about the loss of his mother?

Does he have strong feelings about the loss of his mother? No, but he did have strong feelings (i.e. he went into a stupor) when he found out she was still alive.

How does Christopher feel about lies truth and love?

How does Christopher feel about his mother?

Although Christopher clearly felt fond of his mother, evidenced by his desire to take food to her when she was in the hospital, she essentially ceased to play a role in his life when she disappeared. To cope with that loss, Christopher reordered his life without her in it.

How does Christopher feel about white lies?

A white lie is not a lie at all. It is where you tell the truth but you do not tell all of the truth. In his logical mind, Christopher defines a white lie in a way that suits his thought process.