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How do you use Mizithra cheese?

How do you use Mizithra cheese?

Ways to Use Mizithra Cheese

  1. Toss with pasta.
  2. Add to pasta salad.
  3. Garnish savory appetizers like tomatoes.
  4. Add to a cheese plate.
  5. Top salads.
  6. Add into pastries.
  7. Add to desserts or serve on a cheese platter for dessert!

Does Mizithra cheese melt?

Made from sheep’s milk, the flavor is similar to feta, but much harder and drier. For this reason Mizithra is very easy to grate. This cheese works wonderfully blended into pasta dishes; Mizithra does not melt fully.

What type of cheese is Mizithra?

whey cheese
Myzithra is a whey cheese, and while nothing matches the original, you can use mascarpone or ricotta in place of fresh myzithra, and ricotta salata, Parmesan, or Pecorino Romano in place of aged myzithra.

What cheese is comparable to Mizithra?

What can I use to replace mizithra cheese? To replace fresh mizithra cheese use mascarpone, manouri, or feta. The aged product can be substituted with matured Cotija, Parmesan, or Kefalotyri. For a dairy-free option consider nutritional yeast which is a low-fat ingredient that offers a comparable cheesy flavor to food.

Is mizithra cheese healthy?

Note that fresh cheese, such as mizithra, is healthier than other forms of cheese in addition to the protein, calcium and vitamins has lower fat content and is more diet friendly.

Does Trader Joe’s sell mizithra?

You can also find Mizithra cheese at many Sprouts locations as well as Trader Joe’s.

Is ricotta same as Mizithra?

It is sold both as a fresh cheese, similar to Italian ricotta, and as a salt-dried grating cheese, similar to Italian ricotta salata. The ratio of milk to whey usually is 7 to 3….

Texture Soft
Fat content approx. 15%
Protein content approx. 15.5%
Dimensions various

Is Mizithra cheese healthy?

Is ricotta same as mizithra?

How is mizithra made?

Mizithra is made from raw, whole ewe’s or goat’s milk in the simplest way possible: milk is brought to a slow boil for a few minutes and then curdled by adding rennet or whey from a previous batch (see below) or else some acidic substance such as lemon juice, vinegar or even a fresh broken fig tree sprig.

Can you buy mizithra cheese at Old Spaghetti Factory?

Find Mizithra Near You You can still purchase Mizithra at your local Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant in-store or online at and have it added to your to-go or delivery order!

Does Costco sell mizithra cheese?

Our special Mizithra cheese can now be found at select COSTCO locations. We use this delicious sheep cheese in our lasagna and cheesebread and on our pasta and broccoli.

Is mizithra similar to feta?

Myzithra is a popular Greek cheese eaten in Greece and in other countries to which it is exported. It can be fresh and soft or hard and aged. Myzithra, also spelled mizithra, is a type of manouri cheese, which is a group of Greek cheeses made from the whey of the production process that makes feta.