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How do you unlock the secret theater in MGS3?

How do you unlock the secret theater in MGS3?

It was originally shown on the official Metal Gear Solid 3 website, and is available in full on Persistence, the second disc of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, upon completing the main game on Disc 1. It is also unlocked by answering “I like MGS3!” to the first time survey.

What does healing radio do in MGS3?

The healing radio frequencies will replenish health and stamina no matter how low and they only work once but you listen to the song each frequency plays as many times as you want. As soon as you put in and call the frequency it will be saved into your contacts list permanently.

Why did the sorrow help Snake?

However, Snake grew irritated when Zero subsequently spoke to colleague Para-Medic within earshot, regarding his suspicion that Snake may be losing his mind. The Sorrow later assisted Snake in Groznyj Grad by indicating how much time he had left before C3 explosives destroyed the Shagohod’s hangar.

Who does Snake talk to on the radio?

These include Otacon hearing Psycho Mantis’ mind control music while Snake is talking to Meryl, and Meryl hearing Snake’s Codec beep that interrupts a romantic moment between the two.

Why is Volgin the Man on Fire?

This uniform ultimately ended up destroyed during Volgin’s attack on the Cyprus hospital as the Man on Fire due to being hit by missiles from a UTH-66 Blackfoot, although Volgin himself was unharmed by the attack.

Can I skip MGS 4?

It’s absolutely fine to skip it, especially when he’d require an entire console.

Why is Volgin on fire?

How did Volgin get his scars?

To protect himself from being injured by this exceedingly high voltage, having caused the numerous scars to his face, Volgin wore a rubber suit during combat. While wearing it, he could generate his maximum level of voltage, using it to enhance his strength to superhuman levels.