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How do you unlock a DriveRack in PA?

How do you unlock a DriveRack in PA?

– Rotating the wheel to select either Lock, Unlock or Filter Unlocked the system. – Pressing will unlock the system if it were locked or it will lock the system if it were unlocked.

How do I factory reset my dbx DriveRack PA?

Press and hold the STORE button at power-up until the following message appears:”! HARD RESET?” – Pressing the PREV PAGE button will start a Factory Reset (All User Programs will become copies of the Factory Programs, all Utility settings will be defaulted, and all Security settings will be defaulted).

How do I update dbx DriveRack PA+ firmware?

The update can be downloaded free of charge from The downloaded Wizard-enabled web-updater will check for the latest release and walk the customer completely through set-up and will notify the user of future updates as well.

How do you lock a DriveRack in PA?

To lock out the front panel controls press and hold the WIZARD button upon power up (make sure all amplifiers are turned off before performing this procedure). When in the lockout mode, turn the ENCODER until the display reads “System Locked!”. Press the WIZARD button again to exit this mode and boot up the DriveRack.

How do I lock my dbx DriveRack PA?

How do I reset my dbx DriveRack pa2?

Factory Reset (Hard Reset) – Hold STORE button during power up until the display will shows ‘FACTORY RESET’. Then release the Store button. Now Press the WIZARD button to do the factory reset. Pressing the STORE button will abort the factory reset.

What does a drive rack do?

The DriveRack® series are a diverse group of processors that provide control of equalization and loudspeaker management. Used and appreciated in every kind of venue, from houses of worship to big-name world tours, the DriveRack series are the most popular loudspeaker management systems.

What is the purpose of a DriveRack?

Do you need a speaker management system?

Speaker management systems provide essential processing between the mixer and the amplifiers to protect and get the very best out of your passive speakers. The speaker management processor typically controls the crossover point, phase, gain, equalisation, delay and limiters to stop your loudspeak…

How do I reset my drive rack 260?

  1. DriveRack.
  2. ®
  3. DriveRack® User Manual.
  4. Appendix A.
  5. Reset.
  6. All Power-Up Functions require a button(s) to be pressed and held as the unit power is turned on.
  7. DriveRack 260 Power-Up Button Functions.
  8. Factory (“Hard”) Reset. Press and hold the button at power-up until the following message appears:

What does DBX DriveRack PA2 do?

The DriveRack® PA2 provides all the processing you need between your mixer and amplifiers to optimize and protect your loudspeakers.

What does DBX DriveRack do?

What does a dbx Drive Rack do?

dbx designed the DriveRack PA2 to be a complete, easy-to-use loudspeaker management system for all types of musicians. The updated AutoEQ algorithm automatically dials in the ideal EQ for each room. It “listens” to your room via RTA mic (not included), analyzes it, and sets the appropriate speaker levels and room EQ.

What is the purpose of dbx DriveRack?

What is a PA management system?

Why choose dbx DriveRack PA?

DriveRack PA has been systematically developed and designed to grow with your system needs for years to come. The dbx DriveRack®PA is the most effective way to manage all aspects of Loudspeaker man- agement for Public Address system applications.

Is there a user manual for the DriveRack®PA?

DriveRack®PA User Manual The Operation section of the DriveRack®PA will be your key to successful navigation of the operation of the DriveRack®PA. The following information provides descriptions about pro-

How do I set up the DriveRack PA with the Wizard?

UTILITY- Selects the Utility menu of the DriveRack PA. STORE- The store button is used to store program edits. WIZARD- Enters the DriveRack PA Wizard setup menu which includes: System Setup, Auto EQ setup and AFS Wizard.

How do I connect the DriveRack®PA to my mixer?

Section 5DriveRack® PA Hardware 1. Connect the outputs from the mixer to the inputs of the DriveRack®. 2. Connect the outputs of the DriveRack®PA and run to the selected speaker amplifier. 3. Make sure that the mixer and power amps are turned off prior to powering up the DriveRack®PA. Software 1.