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How do you set the time on a citizen radio controlled watch?

How do you set the time on a citizen radio controlled watch?

Press and release the lower right button (A). The second hand will rotate to the 12:00 position and the minute hand will move slightly indicating the minute, hour and 24-hour hands are active for setting. Rotate the crown in either direction to set the current time in the radio controlled zone chosen.

What is radio controlled watch?

A radio clock or radio-controlled clock (RCC), and often (incorrectly) referred to as an atomic clock is a type of quartz clock or watch that is automatically synchronized to a time code transmitted by a radio transmitter connected to a time standard such as an atomic clock.

How do I synchronize my watch to the atomic clock?

You watch will synchronize to the Atomic clock after it receives the signal (the reason to set time is to make sure your watch will initiate signal reception at around 3AM local time.) c.Put the watch in a location where reception is possible. The watch will automatically initiate a reception at 3AM.

How do I Turn on/off the alarm on the watch?

To turn ON the daily alarm, Press 2 o’clock button. To turn OFF the daily alarm, Press 4 o’clock button. Press 8 o’clock button to confirm. If alarm is OFF, the watch says, “The alarm is OFF” when 10 o’clock button is pushed. If alarm is ON the watch says, “The alarm time is” followed by the alarm time when 10 o’clock button is pushed.

How do I set the clock on my smartwatch?

Hold the 8 o’clock button while the watch is in real time mode for more than 5 seconds until the watch says “Set Alarm, Press 10 o’clock button to set.” Press the 10 o’clock button. The watch says, “Press 2 o’clock button to set Hour, 4 o’clock button for Minutes, 8 o’clock to confirm.” Press the 2 o’clock button repeatedly to set Hour.

How do I pick up a radio signal on my watch?

Note: the below steps might require sighted assistance. Press and hold the 10 o’clock button until the second hand stops at the 7 o’clock position. The watch takes about 5 to 15 minutes to pick up the radio signal. Wait until the watch has finished the signal receiving procedure.