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How do you play Topps Attax?

How do you play Topps Attax?

How to Play Topps ATTAX Baseball

  1. Pick your team.
  2. Player 1 selects a pitcher and places the card face up in the “match-up” space on the board.
  3. Player 1 calls out a pitch.
  4. After Player 2 has been at bat three times, switch who’s batting and who’s pitching.
  5. Players compare the amount of cards in their “runs” pile.

How do you play the Topps Match Attax trading card game?

How to Play Match Attax

  1. Pick your team of 11 players and 3 substitutes.
  2. Lay your cards face down in formation.
  3. Flip a coin to see who will go first.
  4. If you choose to defend with your player, the other player must choose to attack with their player – and vice versa.

How do you earn coins on Match Attax?

Open up the app every day to earn free coins that be spent in the in-app store. Purchase coins in the app to spend on packs and transfers from the in-app store. Earn FREE packs by filling your XP bar – XP is earned through gameplay. Log in every Friday to get a FREE PACK FRIDAY code.

How do you read soccer cards?

Yellow and red cards are used as a means to discipline players for misconduct during the game. A yellow card is used to caution players, while a red card results in the player’s dismissal from the field of play.

How can I get free Match Attax cards?

Topps Match Attax FREE code for the Match Attax App! Enter MAPLAPP1 to receive 5 cards including a David De Gea TItle Winner, Mo Salah Star Player AND a Raheem Sterling 💯 Club!

Is the Match Attax app free?

The game is free to play through our free pack XP system; however, there will be prompts for your child to scan the codes from their physical packet of Topps Match Attax to allow them to add to their digital collection.

Are Topps soccer cards good?

1. Topps Living Set. The Topps Living Set UEFA Champions League cards are one of the most beautiful soccer card investments on the market. The art-based designs are an online-exclusive and are inspired by the 1953 Topps MLB designs as well as the 1977-78 Topps Footballers series.