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How do you decode a carrier model number?

How do you decode a carrier model number?

Carrier/Payne/Bryant Carrier systems made in the last 20 years or so encode the week and year of manufacture within the first 4 digits. The first 2 are the week of the year (1-52) and the second are the year. For example 0199 would mean the system was made the first week of January in 1999.

How do you read a Carrier air conditioner serial number?

Carrier Serial Number Lookup Format 1: Description: Ten (10) character Serial number begins with four (4) numerical digits followed by one (1) letter and ends with five (5) numerical digits. Week of manufacture is 1st-2nd character numerical digits.

How do I read carrier package unit model number?

Look on the back of your unit, and you’ll find the model number listed on a silver series rating-plate located above the service valve connections.

What year is my carrier unit?

The most common way to to determine the carrier ac age is through the serial number. In the above style, the determining factor is having a letter in the middle of the serial number. The first two digits are the week of manufacturer. The second set of digits are the year of manufacture.

How do you determine the tonnage of a commercial carrier AC unit?

You can determine the size in tons of your Carrier HVAC system by examining the model number on the data sticker at the side of the a/c condenser (outdoor unit). Look for the 7th and 8th digits, or maybe 8th and 9th digits, of the model number.

How many tons is my carrier AC?

Simply divide the BTUs by 12,000 to calculate the tonnage of your unit. For example, if your air conditioner is 36,000 BTUs, you have a 3-ton unit. Some manufacturers bury tonnage or BTU information in their model numbers. Look for an even, two-digit number between 18 and 60.

How do I identify my air conditioner?

The model number of your air conditioner is listed on a metal plate on the side of the unit near the electrical lines running to your home.

  1. The key number is the model number – a combination of letters and numbers.
  2. Please note that the Product Code or Manufacturer Code is needed for all Bryant and Carrier models.

What is serial number of AC?

2020. 1 It is a 15 digit alphanumeric number. Example: B082PZAZC05270X. 2 A serial number always ends with an Alphabet. 3 A serial number is always present around the Bar code of the Air-conditioner.

What size AC do I have?

How do I know what kind of HVAC I have?

To determine the type of HVAC system you have, look for the number and placement of installed units, the piping configuration to and from the unit(s), and whether ductwork and vents are evident. Contact a heating and air service if you’re still unsure about the type.