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How do you attach weights to a pinewood derby car?

How do you attach weights to a pinewood derby car?

  1. Clamp the pinewood derby block to a flat surface.
  2. Using a 3/8″ drill bit, drill two holes straight into the back of the block high enough so that you do not drill into the axle slot.
  3. Remove the clamp from the block.
  4. Insert the weights in the holes.

Which end of pinewood derby car is front?

Which end is the front of a pinewood derby car? Either end can be the front of the car but the end of the block farthest from an axle slot gives you an advantage if it is the front of the car. The reason for this is that you can put weight farther back on the car if the rear slot is close to the end of the block.

Where is the best place to put weights on a pinewood derby car?

PUT MOST OF THE WEIGHT IN THE BACK Science says the heaviest part of your car should be about 1 inch in front of the rear axle. The idea is that the farther back the weight is, the more potential energy you have because your center of mass is higher up on the track.

What angle do you bend a Pinewood Derby axle?

We recommend installing axles with a 1.5° bend for the front of the car and 2.5° bend for the rear. The axles heads are marked in the direction of the bend. Install the axles with the mark straight up. The alignment procedure requires turning the axles while they are in the car slot.

Should you put weights in front and back of pinewood derby car?

How close should wheels be on Pinewood Derby car?

How close should pinewood derby wheels be to the car? The hub of the wheel should be a credit card thickness (about . 03″) away from the car block but can be as much as . 1″.

What are the rules for the Cub Scout pinewood derby?

Only official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby wheels and axles are permitted. Only dry lubricant is permitted. Details such as steering wheel and driver are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width, and weight specifications. The car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.

How do you make a pinewood derby car?

1 Design your Pinewood Derby Car. The first step is to have fun thinking up a car design. 2 Cut your Pinewood Derby Block. There are several ways to cut the block of wood. 3 Shaping your Block. 4 Adding weights to your Pinewood Derby Car. 5 Finishing Touches. 6 Adding Wheels and Axles

How do you straighten a pinewood derby axle?

Axles should be straight. Mount each axle in a drill and spin it. If the head wobbles, the axle should be replaced or you can use our Pro Axle Press to straighten the axle. 3. Pinewood derby axles have burrs and crimp marks that should be removed then the axle should be polished to give your car more speed.

How long should a pinewood derby car be?

Very few races allow a car longer than the standard 7″ block length so don’t add anything to either end of the car. Your pinewood derby car should be under 4″ high to clear the finish timers at the end of the track (some rules restrict the height to 3″).