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How do you accommodate students with muscular dystrophy?

How do you accommodate students with muscular dystrophy?

Students with MD may:

  1. need an individualized education plan (IEP) or 504 education plan.
  2. need adaptive or assistive technological devices in the classroom (such as a keyboard for writing)
  3. wear braces, use crutches or walker, or need a wheelchair.
  4. need extra time to get to classes or use of an elevator.

How do you teach someone with muscular dystrophy?

Promote the use of muscles whenever possible and appropriate. Encourage the student to be as active as possible to keep healthy muscles in condition as long as possible. Adapt Physical Education activities so the student can participate (e.g. use lightweight equipment).

How do you promote an inclusive classroom?


  1. Make it Personal. Provide opportunities for students to share their own experiences and perspectives.
  2. Include Various Perspectives. Provide a variety of perspectives on the topics you teach.
  3. Know Your Students.
  4. Watch for Problematic Assumptions.
  5. Respect Diverse People.
  6. Respect Diverse Talents.

What activities can you do with muscular dystrophy?

The type of aerobic exercise will depend on your condition, but low-impact exercises such as fast walking, dancing, swimming, and cycling are all options.

How does muscular dystrophy affect learning?

The cause of learning disabilities associated with muscular dystrophy is not well understood. It is thought that the same mutations that cause muscle weakness may also interfere with normal brain function. Some of the proteins that are faulty in muscular dystrophy patients also have important functions in the brain.

What is an example of inclusion in the classroom?

Peer Tutoring and Cooperative Learning. Focus on Small Group Activities. Independent Practice (allows for individualized attention) Tiered Lessons.

What is an inclusive classroom give examples?

An inclusive classrooms features students of all learning styles and ability levels. For example, an inclusive classroom could have a mix of gifted students, auditory learners, visual learners and students with disabilities such as ADHD, students who are in wheelchairs, and students with executive functioning issues.

Does muscular dystrophy affect learning?

Muscular dystrophy is an umbrella term used to describe a class of genetic disorders characterized by progressive muscle weakness. Some types of muscular dystrophy can also be associated with learning disabilities or cognitive problems.

Do kids with muscular dystrophy have learning disabilities?

How should inclusive classroom look like?

An inclusive classroom is one that creates a supportive environment for all learners, including those with learning differences and one that can also challenge and engage gifted and talented learners by building a more responsive learning environment.

Can a child with muscular dystrophy go to school?

Students with muscular dystrophy are eligible for individualized education programs (IEPs) and 504 plans.

What is an inclusive classroom?

Inclusive classroom spaces teach our students about the fundamental importance of inclusion and equality. They ensure our classrooms are accessible to all and enable every student to feel a sense of belonging. We need to think about inclusion in every aspect of a classroom layout.

How can schools create inclusive classrooms for children with cerebral palsy?

Despite degree of disability, children with cerebral palsy are always less likely to be included in activities, including in school. To ensure they create inclusive classrooms, educators need to know more about the condition and the individual children living with it.

How can educational technology make a classroom more inclusive?

Creating a more inclusive classroom can be difficult if you are underprepared or do not have enough resources. Thankfully, modern classrooms are much easier to make inclusive than those in the past. This is because of technology. Educational technology, also referred to as EdTech, is an easy solution to help create this inclusive classroom.

How to make the classroom accessible for students with physical disabilities?

A horseshoe-shaped workstation, for example, might be insufficient for students with physical disabilities, as it requires taking long detours around the classroom. 2. Make the Whole Classroom Accessible Mobility does not simply involve access between the student’s desk and the door to the classroom.