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How do you access North Captiva Island?

How do you access North Captiva Island?

North Captiva Island is only accessible by boat or private aircraft. From the north on I-75 (Tampa) – Take I-75 south to exit 161 (Jones Loop Rd ) Make a right at the light at the end of the ramp. Stay on this road. As you cross hwy 41 the road becomes Burnt Store Rd.

Do people live on North Captiva?

Today, there are just over 370 dwellings and about 50 year-round residents on North Captiva Island.

Where is North Captiva?

Southwest Florida
North Captiva Island is an island in Lee County in Southwest Florida, located just offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. It lies just north of Captiva Island, separated by a channel called Redfish Pass which was created in a 1921 hurricane. It lies just south of Cayo Costa Island, separated by Captiva Pass.

Can you get to North Captiva by car?

We love that there are no cars on North Captiva – golf carts only! Since you can only access the island by boat (or small, private plane) it is extremely low-key. There are also no hotels on the island. Instead, visitors rent (or own) homes for their stay.

Can you go to North Captiva for the day?

You can rent your own boat from the North Captivas’ Boats and Fun area or charter a private boat to take you to one of the wonderful places listed. Just remember; always bring your sunscreen and an adventurous attitude. Golf cart rentals are available at Miller’s Marina (941)964-2100.

Are there alligators on North Captiva Island?

Appreciating Florida Alligators Florida is one of their favorite habitats, of course! It’s the sunshine state! They are often spotted on Sanibel (though rarely on Captiva) which is a wonderful habitat for them as much as it is a great vacation spot for us!

What is North Captiva Island known for?

5: North Captiva has amazing shelling Sanibel and Captiva, two neighboring islands, are known for having the best shelling in the USA. North Captiva is smaller, with fewer tourists, so the shelling is oftentimes even better!

Can you drink the water on North Captiva Island?

A: Yes. However, it is chlorinated well water. We suggest bottled water for drinking, and tap water for cooking and bathing. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND YOU WILL BE STAYING ON A BARRIER ISLAND.

Are there snakes on North Captiva Island?

Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes (left) are large snakes (can reach over 5′ in length). They occur on the mainland as well as barrier islands throughout Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. They have been documented from Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva, Cayo Costa and Gasparilla Island as well as the Keys.

Are there Bobcats on North Captiva Island?

I was stunned as I watched a young, wild bobcat casually stroll along a stretch of beach on North Captiva Island. The scene was so surreal, I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful beast.

What is the beach like on North Captiva Island?

North Captiva Island is known for its pristine white beaches and some of the best shelling in the world. There are 5 miles of beautiful beaches to walk on North Captiva, two-thirds of which border a 700-acre state land preserve.

Is there cell service on North Captiva Island?

Is There Cell Service on North Captiva Island? There is great cellular service on North Captiva thanks to a recently built cellular tower built on Captiva Island north of the Captiva Village shopping district. All you will have to worry about is bringing extra cords to charge your cell phones!

Are there alligators on North Captiva?

Are there snakes on Captiva Island?

We do not have venomous snakes on North Captiva. However, you may see an Indigo slithering about the island! Humans are their biggest predator, if you see one please leave it be.

Is North Captiva crowded?

Even though we went during a peak week when all but three of the houses on vrbo were rented, the island didn’t feel crowded. The beaches had plenty of space. It was the perfect setting for a pandemic getaway. I love that North Captiva can accommodate such a large variety of budgets.

Can you swim at North Captiva Island?

North Captiva is home to amazing sea, reptile and mammal life, you will be captivated! Dolphins swim daily just off shore at the “Dolphin Beach”. Dolphin beach is located on the North End of the island on the East side of Salty Approach (the grass runway).

Does North Captiva have a beach?

Are there alligators in North Captiva?

What animals live on North Captiva island?

About half of North Captiva is a Florida state park, and there is tons of wildlife on the island. Notably, you’ll see adorable turtles walking down the sand roads, as well as the occasional bobcat. In terms of ocean life, you’ll regularly see dolphins jumping and manatees swimming close by.